How Does Permanent Residence Work?

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Every year thousands of people realize their dreams of becoming Permanent Residence within Canada and there is no reason you can’t be among them. The immigration streams under the permanent residence category allow one to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis.

It is important to determine which immigration stream would be best suited for you in order to avoid a denied application. It is for this reason why it is highly recommended that you seek the counsel of an immigration expert, the navigate the logistical hurdles often encountered by novices.

When submitting an application for permanent residence, one may also choose to include his or her spouse along with dependants. After a successful application has been lodged, an applicant who has been granted permanent residence may be eligible to move with his or her spouse along with dependants to Canada.

How To Get A Permanent Residence Card

If you hold permanent resident status in Canada, you will need to show your permanent residence card anytime you wish to re-enter. To the benefit of Canadian immigrants, there are plenty of ways to get it.  For starters, if you are a new permanent resident to Canada, there is no need to apply for a card as one will be sent to you automatically.

Simply provide your Canadian mailing address via mail or the online tool within 180 days of arriving in Canada. If you fail to do this during the 180-day timeline, you will have to pay a $50 processing fee to receive a new card.

You are eligible for a new card, if:

  • You’ve lost your card
  • You've had it stolen
  • You've legally changed your name
  • Your card has or will expire in the next nine months

To begin, simply complete the steps in the application process, which range from getting copies of your passport to supplying a photo for the card. Next, pay your application fees online and submit your application for processing. The processing times will vary based on the time of year you are applying.

What Options Are There for Permanent Residence in Canada?

What to ask a licensed Canadian immigration professional about PR’s in Canada?

Choosing the right immigration professional is probably your most crucial decision as not all immigration professionals possess the necessary experience needed to successfully process a Permanent Residence application.  We’ve noticed that  often times a Permanent Residence visa is refused due to a lack of the right questions being addressed.

Here are some very important questions you want to ask any person you are planning on hiring to help you with your Permanent Residence visa application.

  • Which category would best fit my application for Permanent Residence?
  • Under the skilled worker programs, am I required to have have job offer in order to immigrate to Canada?
  • What kind of supporting documentation would help strengthen my case for permanent residence after a category has been determined?
  • If one has a family you may want to ask, what is required for my family to immigrate to Canada?

The immigration attorney you choose should have no problems answering questions such as these nor any others that may arise.

Why Contact My Visa Source for a Assessment?

At My Visa Source, our firm has an extensive amount of experience in the categories which would allow an applicant to receive permanent residence in Canada.

It is crucial to first determine which stream would be best suited for you after a thorough preliminary assessment is completed by one of our professionals. This is a vital step towards the goal of a successfully processed application and it is one we do not take lightly. We realize the difference between fruition and failure lies within the details.

After an assessment is complete, the results are presented to a potential applicant and a road map for permanent residency is developed to ensure that the client is not only knowledgeable on the process but also involved.

You can rest assure that your visa application is being processed with the utmost care as we know this is someone’s life being represented on each and every page.

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