How Does Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Work?

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What is Canadian Spousal Sponsorship?

Canadian spousal sponsorship is about bringing families together – after all, home is wherever your family lives.

Immigration Canada allows you to sponsor your loved ones for a life together within Canadian borders. Similar to most immigration programs, the government requires extensive paperwork, documentation, proof of your relationship to ensure that your application will succeed.

Who Qualifies for Sponsoring a Spouse to Canada?

  • Canadian citizens, persons registered in Canada as Indian under Canadian Indian Act,
  • Permanent residents living in Canada.
  • Not receiving social assistance, other than help with disability.
  • Able to financially provide for the needs of the person sponsored.
  • In a married, common-law or conjugal relationship.

In rare cases, proof that you exceed a low-income cut-off point.

What are the Support Requirements for Sponsorship?

Spouse sponsorship in Canada includes a promise to provide financial support for the person sponsored, including dependent children. You’ll sign an undertaking which pledges support for these basic needs:

  • Rent or mortgage, along with utility bills.
  • Food and personal toiletries, like shampoo, soap and toothpaste.
  • Clothing and other items necessary for daily life.
  • Medical costs not covered by public health insurance, such as dental and eye care.

When you sign the undertaking to provide support, you remain financially responsible for your sponsor during the period of time which the sponsorship lasts.

Who are the Most Successful Applicants for This Program?

We’ve helped people from more than 80 different countries around the world, from all walks of life, with their successful application for spousal sponsorship. 

How Long is the Processing Time for Sponsorship Applications?

Canada has improved the processing time for permanent resident visas over the years, with the standard application completed in 12 months. This processing time for spousal sponsorship to Canada may lengthen, depending on the details of your case.

Spousal Sponsorship Denied – Top Reasons for Refused Application

  • Not enough proof of relationship to prove legitimacy.
  • Errors when filling out Canadian spousal sponsorship forms.
  • Misrepresentation of facts presented in your application.
  • Inadmissibility due to a conviction or public safety issues.
  • Unable to meet basic requirements for spousal sponsorship.

Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application FAQ

Does My Spouse Receive Canadian Citizenship?

After a successful sponsorship process, your spouse may begin to fulfill requirements to become a Canadian citizen. A spousal sponsorship could be the first step for your spouse to earn citizenship.

What Type of Marriage Proof Do I Need?

There’s a wide variety of documentation that you may use as proof of relationship, including:

  • Joint bank accounts.
  • Filing tax returns as a couple.
  • Shared bills, such as mortgage, rent and utilities payments.
  • Traditional communication, including phone call logs and text messages.
  • Social media communication, such as Facebook posts and messages.
  • Sharing benefits offered by an employer.
  • Statutory declarations from family and friends.
  • Photographs of you as a couple.

Do We Need to be Married for Canadian Sponsorship?

  • Sponsorship isn’t only for married spouses.
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) spousal sponsorship programs accept applications for common-law partnerships and conjugal relationships. Canadian sponsorship law supports same-sex marriage and relationships from applicants in the LGBTQ community.

Fiancé(e) Visa Canada – Can I Choose This Option Instead?

Canada’s spousal sponsorship program includes applicants with fiancé(e), instead of a separate program for this type of relationship.

Do I Qualify for Spousal Sponsorship If I’ve Been Married Before?

Divorced sponsors are allowed to apply. If you’ve previously sponsored a spouse, that person must be a permanent resident for at least 5 years before you may sponsor another spouse.

Do I Still Qualify If I’ve Been Charged with a Criminal Offense?

You may still qualify for the spouse sponsorship program if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense. Certain criminal offenses will not disqualify you from the process, while others may require additional legal work for your application to succeed.

Does Spousal Sponsorship Include a Work Permit?

If spousal sponsorship has been approved in principle, you may obtain an open work permit. Otherwise, your partner will require a valid work permit.

My Visa Source Can Solve Difficult Spousal Sponsorship Problems

  • How do I apply for sponsorship if I’m outside of Canada?
  • Can my out of status spouse be sponsored in Canada?
  • What proof do I need if I’m sponsoring my common-law partner?
  • Do I need special proof of relationship for my same-sex sponsor?
  • What relationship proof is required for conjugal relationships?
  • Will I be able to sponsor a spouse with a criminal conviction?

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