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    "My questions were answered and the conversation was very helpful. I spent days online looking for accurate information, but learned more from a 10 minute phone conversation than all the research I did. Thank you very much. If I have need of your services in the future I will not hesitate to call." 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Russell S.

    “Sonia and her team at My Visa Source are incredibly professional. They make the stressful immigration process to a quite smooth one by providing help and support at each single step. They are really punctual and also available for any concern throughout the process. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable team.” 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Alireza M.

    "The best immigration representatives out there. They'll make sure everything is perfect before submitting it to the Govt. and has gained our trust and respect immensely. You won't go wrong in your decision to have them as your representative. If you have a great application and blessings from the Most High everything will go perfectly. Good luck in your application." 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Naomi Roy C.
    After talking to several Immigration Services I had a huge disappointment. So I contacted My Visa Source, where I consulted Meera, she is quite remarkable with the knowledge she acquire, wherever I had some doubts in my mind she immediately responded to them. So far so good. I really hope they help me with my Post Grad Work Permit. I would definitely recommend talking to Meera, if anyone who needs some consultancy regarding their Immigration.” 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Saravmit S.
    "They are amazing. They know what they are doing and will get the job done. Might not be very frequent with communication and replies but they are the Best out there. Offers payment options. Will Make sure that they double check every documents with you before submitting and give you all the access for it. You won’t go Wrong in choosing them as your representative." 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Raja Raval

    Why Immigrate to Toronto, Ontario?

    Toronto is the only metropolis in Canada that earns the distinguished rank of an “Alpha city,” according to research by GaWC – an economic think tank based in the United Kingdom. This designates the Greater Toronto Area as one of the top global economic nodes. Los Angeles, Chicago, Mexico City and New York are the only other North American cities ranked Alpha or better in terms of worldwide financial contributions.

    However, Toronto’s the only Alpha city in North America which consistently achieves top ten in The Economist livability ratings, which measures metropolitan areas in terms of healthcare, infrastructure, stability, education, environment and culture. As such, Toronto is a unique immigration destination on the continent.

    Toronto’s the fourth largest city in North America, behind New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City. People flock to the GTA from around the world to enjoy our fantastic cuisine, which is inspired by dozens of nationalities. Our reputation as one of the most diverse cities is well earned, welcoming families, enterprise and cultures from around the world.

    Economically prosperous, Toronto’s also naturally rich, with more than 1,400 public parks and outdoor facilities. Nestled comfortably along the shores of Lake Ontario in the Golden Horseshoe, Toronto features impressive natural splendor, including the Don Valley urban forest, several beaches and the beautiful Toronto Islands.

    This city features more than 7,500 restaurants, so you’ll find flavors that remind you of your hometown and discover delicious new food that you never knew you loved. Toronto has the third largest theatre scene in North America, along with the biggest arts scene in Canada. As such, T.O. is the beating heart of Canadian culture and finance.

    Quotes About Life in Toronto

    “In just two years, the city has moved from 8th place to 4th place on the EIU's Safe Cities Index, thanks largely to improvements on the digital and health fronts.” - BlogTO

    “With 14,000 faculty, more than 700 undergraduate programs and around 88,000 students on three campuses, the University of Toronto is in a class of its own..” - MacLean’s

    “None other than fashion bible Vogue has once again been singing the praises of the 6ix, this time in an article that details the reasons – namely the restaurants and eateries – that are making this city a mecca for munching.” - Notable Life

    “The Economist has periodically named Toronto one of the world’s “most livable” cities, but to our knowledge this is the first time the magazine has flat-out declared us the best.” - Toronto Life

    The World Loves Immigrating to Canada

    Canada transformed into one of the greatest countries because of modern immigration. Education and healthcare form the foundation of everyday Canadian life, enriched by brilliant people who originate from around the globe.

    Outstanding education and healthcare allow residents to focus on personal and family growth, providing significant advantages for local and international business.

    As a result, our economy ranks top ten in Gross Domestic Product, despite a relatively small population. Canada’s abundant natural resources and extensive international trade networks drive our financial success.

    Our reputation as a friendly, beautiful and affluent nation follows Canadians around the globe. Canada will remain a top immigration destination for decades to come, because the continued success of our country partially depends on welcoming talented and motivated people from around the world.

    Diversity is strength. Immigration feeds the diversity which makes Canada one of the most influential countries on the planet - and an amazing place to live and grow.

    Visit Our Downtown Toronto Immigration Office

    The downtown Toronto office is a couple of blocks away from the CN Tower, which rises majestically above the city. My Visa Source resides in the bustling Entertainment District, close to international embassies and the edge of the Financial District – along with some of the finest cultural institutions and restaurants in the downtown core.

    Our space is on the fifth floor of the Commodore Building at 317 Adelaide Street West, a spacious ten-story loft completed in 1929 and refurbished to meet the needs of modern business.

    We’re located on the south east corner of Adelaide Street West and Peter Street, beside the Hilton Garden Inn and across a busy Starbucks.

    My Visa Source is easily accessed by car or a short walk from Osgoode or St. Andrew subway stations. Don’t hesitate to ask Siri or Google for directions by searching for “My Visa Source near me” or “My Visa Source Toronto”.