What are Clients Saying About My Visa Source?

Nothing speaks volumes like a client review. Below you’ll find a handful of genuine Google reviews that can be independently verified.

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"Very helpful and answered all the questions that I asked."

 5 out of 5Rating by Kane R.

"Exceptional service. They were very thorough and covered all bases."

 5 out of 5Rating by Imran K.

"Very helpful. Very knowledgeable and very kind. I felt well taken care of."

 5 out of 5Rating by Mr. 2cents

"It was a pleasure to work with the team at My Visa Source! They were very helpful, I would highly recommend using their services."

 5 out of 5Rating by Maeve O.

"I had a really good experience with my visa source team. Highly recommended as they are very helpful. Recently got my PR approved, all credit goes to visa source team especially Trevor and Sonia. thanks"

 5 out of 5Rating by Tony S.

"It was a great experience with My Visa Source. Trevor helped me a lot to get my PR (Permanent Residence). He always provided me a valuable information on time. I would recommend this company for any immigration help!"

 5 out of 5Rating by Balpreet B.

"I was impressed with the explanation provided by Sunny during first meet. It is pleasure working with Trevor. He was polite and explanatory. They addressed my concerns and issues.Document verification and customer support was good."

 5 out of 5Rating by Prasanna N.

"Massive respect for you guys!! I had a friendly conversation with you and very professional !! Thank you ! 🙂"

 5 out of 5Rating by Domeniko P.

"The phone call was a huge help; I had several unanswered questions that were driving me mad. The immigration lawyer was able to put my mind at ease and help me navigate the several options at my disposal. I am now much more confident about my application!"

 5 out of 5Rating by Drama L.

"Very professional throughout and gave me a clear path as to what I needed to do. They were willing to followup in future as well which is really good. Definitely recommend giving them a try."

 5 out of 5Rating by Kishore K.

"Overall, I was happy with all the services provided by My Visa Source. My representatives, Trevor Dennett-Thorpe, Sonia Mann and Samuel Escobar demonstrated professionalism and dedication throughout the process. They provided detailed answers throughout the entire process and ensured a successful application. There were a couple times where I found it difficult to get in touch with the team, however I would recommend them to anyone pursuing Canadian immigration."

 5 out of 5Rating by Ty N.

"We were super happy with the experience with a great team from My Visa Source. Sunny and Mandeep are both professionals, and genuinely care for you. We believe that we are in good hands with them! We'd definitely recommend to others! :)"

 5 out of 5Rating by Allen K.

"We are very pleased with the services we received from My visa source especially Seema who helped us with my brother's application. He is in Canada now. I would definitely recommend their services! Media"

 5 out of 5Rating by Randy T.

"I remember looking up for a good immigration lawyer online and I came across My Visa Source. I red the reviews and they were mainly promising. After the first phone conversation I had with Sunny Dhillon, I was so impressed by his extensive knowledge that I just knew I found the right people. Contrary to what everyone around me was telling me(about online layers etc...),I dived right in and handed over an immigration case that I knew was costing me over 15 grant. Yes it took longer than I thought, but I have to admit, the team did a great job. They put hours of work/research into the application and two weeks after submission, the application got approved by immigration Canada. Special thanks to Marc Remmling and Seema Syed who I believe carried most of the work. 👏👏👏👏👏🥂"

 5 out of 5Rating by S Hu

"I had an amazing experience with My Visa Source. I absolutely recommend their service to anyone who has immigration issues.we were super happy with the experience with a great team from my visa source . I am really thankful for Trevor, Mandeep ,Sonia and sunny."

 5 out of 5Rating by Jagraj S.

"This is the first person I’ve been seeking answers from and got all the answers they gave me time and i got call on time. I will prefer everyone to get in touch with them regarding questions about immigration they didn’t even charged me to talk some people asked $300 and more."

 5 out of 5Rating by Shaikh Family

"Prompt, knowledgeable, friendly."

 5 out of 5Rating by Daniel H.

"I will recommend My Visa Source to people who are seeking immigration advice. Trevor and Sonia, thank you for the professional help and service. Cheers to the wonderful team."

 5 out of 5Rating by Ambuj N.

"I had an amazing experience with My Visa Source. I absolutely recommend their service to anyone who has immigration issues. The manpower of this firm is immensely awesome and they are extremely attentive and enlightened. Trevor, Sonia and Mandeep have been so helpful."

 5 out of 5Rating by Ranjith A.

"I am very pleased with My Visa Source team. They are professional, efficient, and always on time with the application process. I was updated on every step of my application for my permanent residence. Every question or concern I had was answered immediately. I highly recommend My Visa Source Team!"

 5 out of 5Rating by Navdeep K.

"Best experience I could have had with a phone call from the government. Answered all my questions and gave me lots of advice I haven't had from hours of phone calls to others. Thanks for all your help !"

 5 out of 5Rating by Anastasio K.

"I was very impressed by the quality of service provided. I had a phone appointment set up for the next day and was able to resolve my question without needing to book a lawyer. A few years ago I had hired one of their lawyers for a consultation and the quality of her service was what had me coming back a second time. If you have immigration questions or needs this office is fantastic. I will definitely hire them again."

 5 out of 5Rating by J H

"I highly recommend My Visa Source for anyone who is looking for assistance in immigration cases. I got my permanent residence in less than six months thanks to this amazing team. I appreciate the great advice, suggestions and reviews that were made before submitting my documents. I had many questions throughout this process (trust me it was a lot) that were answered immediately and patiently. Thank you so much Sunny, Sonia and Trevor for helping me get my permanent residence in Canada."

 5 out of 5Rating by Angela

"My experience with My Visa Source was nothing but the best. Their service was prompt, addressed all my queries and concerns in the process, and were flexible enough to accommodate any changes or limitations at my end. I am glad to have made the right choice by opting for their service."

 5 out of 5Rating by S D

"I only had one first contact, without hiring My Visa Source to represent me. The service was excellent. Cordial, enlightening, fast and efficient. The cordiality remained even after it became clear that I would not need to hire their services."

 5 out of 5Rating by Marcio R

"I cannot give anything but positive feedback for both Sonia and Sunny. Throughout my long process of PR application both Sonia and Sunny have provided timely advice and paid extreme attention to detail. Having to seek legal advice is intimidating, however Sonia and Sunny have provided exceptional advice with a friendly welcoming manner. I would recommend them to anyone wanting sound immigration advice."

 5 out of 5Rating by S Hertz

"I just wanted to take a quick minute to write a review and share our experience with My Visa Source. I first spoke with Sunny in September 2013. With myself and my now husband knowing nothing about the adventure we were diving into he definitely put us at ease with the way he explained our options. We worked one on one with Sonia and Sunny checked in with us from time to time. They were both incredibly thorough and always took the time to explain the things we didn't understand. When you're going through a process as important as a spousal sponsorship it's so nice to know you have a team of people who truly care about your future with your partner and your success. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Sonia and Sunny we would refer you to anyone and already have sent others your way as we know they'd be in the best hands possible!"

 5 out of 5Rating by Emily & Bogdan K.

"My Visa Source is an incredible immigration service. I didn't have to worry about anything... they made the process of applying for my citizenship really easy... They are definitely worth it if you want yourself an easy sailing. Mandeep and Sonia handled my citizenship, and my brother in laws Permanent Residency. Even after the process is done they are still there to assist you with any questions you may have after the end of the retainer agreement."

 5 out of 5Rating by Arjun

"My experience with My Visa Source was great. I sponsored my husband to come to Canada after he had been deported so it was a bit of a complicated situation. What was great about Sonia and her colleagues was that even though things never went smoothly (because of problems getting criminal record checks done, medical exams etc in Honduras), she was always responsive and attempted to find alternate solutions. Many times I had to call her in a panic because an official in Honduras was not doing their job and she always responded, calmed me down, and always tried to help. I was often stressed out about something (sometimes just the waiting) and she always made me feel better and reassured me. In the end, we were sufficiently prepared for every step and every hoop we had to jump through for immigration, and we are now living happily together in Canada."

 5 out of 5Rating by Melissa L

"Sonia and her team are wonderful. They are helping my husband and I with our inland Canadian spousal sponsorship. They have always been on time and on top of all the documents. They have helped us organize information so that there are no delays with our application. I am very happy with their service, I am happy I hired them to take care of my application, and they are wonderful people. I highly recommend them!"

 5 out of 5Rating by rockstar91413

"Sonia and Mandeep gave me invaluable advice regarding my cases. They were very professional and always responded promptly to my questions and concerns. I strongly recommend My Visa Source."

 5 out of 5Rating by Cheng

"My husband and I choose My Visa Source to help submit our Spousal Sponsorship Application to CIC, and we are very satisfied with their services. It wasn't a clear cut case, but they were very thorough every step of the way. Both representatives whom we interacted with were so kind that they went out of their way at times- to respond to urgent e-mails from home, or to offer skype calls in order to explain complicated procedures. We are nearing the end of our application approval and and very glad to have used their assistance!"

 5 out of 5Rating by Purnima M

"An excellent service, very professional and efficient. I gained citizenship in 10 months which was far quicker than the 24 month forecast. Very vigilant in ensuring all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Highly Recommended."

 5 out of 5Rating by Dave M

"Sunny called at a convenient time outside of work to give me information on my case. He grasped my situation perfectly and gave me a detailed outline of the strategy that will be best to proceed with in order to gain PR. I highly recommend this company."

 5 out of 5Rating by Robert P

"Sunny went above and beyond his duty to help me in every way he could. He was extremely informative and knew the immigration process through and through. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and he's service and attention to detail were exceptional. Thank you for your guidance and expertise. Kind Regards, James"

 5 out of 5Rating by James G

"The entire team at My Visa Source: Sunny, Sonia, and Mandeep , are great ! They are very professional and polite !! They fully understand the immigration process, have a detailed action plan, and an in depth understanding of the application processing times . They have been working with me on my Permanent Residency Application, and I know for a fact that without their knowledge and skills I wouldn't have made it this far!"

 5 out of 5Rating by Cory P

"It might be a bit soon for me to write a review since I recently started with My Visa Source. However, since the first day Mr. Dhillon is assisting me in the process and he is a great professional immigration lawyer; And I'm thankful for that."

 5 out of 5Rating by Amir

"Sunny was very punctual and professional with the call. I feel like I'm in safe hands on getting the information required for this process."

 5 out of 5Rating by Kate A

"My Visa Source has been so helpful through the process of applying for my permanent residence. They have been there to answer any questions I have had and have helped put my mind at ease through what could have been a very stressful process."

 5 out of 5Rating by Anna W