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    • They didn't think that they could handle their immigration issue without an experienced lawyer
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    I have spoken to a few immigration specialists and My Visa Source is by far the standout. Always professional, friendly and extremely helpful. I would recommend to anyone looking for immigration advice.” 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Amber S. 
    After a few disappointing experiences with other immigration consultants helping with our family class application I am happy we found My Visa Source. The team was easy to work with and very helpful. They took the time to make sure all of our questions were answered and we were comfortable with each step. Even postpaid engagement, a few small items came up they were very helpful in pointing us in the right direction to make sure our entire process went as smooth as possible. Trevor from the office really went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. Thank You!”
    5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Grant & Wendel

    I have researched few of the consultants in Vancouver region and found this to be the most knowledgeable and resourceful. Sunny was helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking to get expert and honest advice.”
    5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Aman A.

    “Excellent law firm. Sunny, Sonia, Hetvi, Parisa : Very professional and have done an amazing job in regards to our case . I highly recommend using their services. They know how to prioritize and if need be they can drop things and give your case a preference. Attention to detail, very meticulous, and they are always a step ahead as they believe in perfection. I have had an excellent experience with them till now. When I googled them, I was very hesitant in using their services initially. But honestly, they slammed dunked my case and got every approval from the immigration services and proved me wrong. Reviews do speak numbers and they have done an outstanding record. I would refer them to all family and friends if they ever need a legal team to represent their case.” 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Mushir S.

    “The team at My Visa Source was truly amazing. They were professionals who made the whole process seamless and manageable. They not only guided me with clear and reliable support, but they did so with warmth and professionalism. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much!” 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Ric D.

    Why Immigrate to Vancouver, British Columbia?

    Among the most prosperous, diverse and beautiful metropolitan areas in North America, Vancouver ranks alongside cities like Boston, Dallas and Atlanta in terms of global economic impact, according to the U.K.-based GaWC think tank. Toronto’s the only Canadian city ranked higher as an international economic hub.

    Surrounded by picturesque mountains, connected to the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Georgia, the Greater Vancouver Area is a dream for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Residents can hit the ski slopes at Whistler in the morning with plenty of time to return to Vancouver for a relaxing afternoon on Kitsilano Beach. Weather in southwest British Columbia tends to be mild, without extended cold snaps or heat waves.

    The Economist consistently lists Vancouver in the top ten of livable cities around the world, based on factors which include education, healthcare, infrastructure, stability, culture and environment.

    Put simply, few cities worldwide offer what Vancouver provides for the growth of families, business, investors and individuals who emigrate to Canada.

    Quotes About Life in Vancouver

    “Vancouver was named the city with the highest quality of living in North America, and the fifth highest quality of living in the world, for the second straight year.” - The Daily Hive Vancouver

    “Vancouver continues to be recognized as a global leader in education.” - The Daily Hive Vancouver

    “British Columbia has the healthiest population in Canada, and ranks third when compared to other countries.” - The Vancouver Sun

    “Vancouver’s food scene is a mash-up of local ingredients and exotic flavors gleaned from the unique ethnic influences that make up its population... it couldn’t be a more perfect mix.” - The Province

    The World is Immigrating to Canada

    Canada transformed into one of the greatest countries because of modern immigration. education and healthcare form the foundation of everyday Canadian life, enriched by brilliant people who originate from around the globe. In fact, Canada’s consistently named among the top countries in terms of quality of life.

    Outstanding education and healthcare allow residents to focus on personal and family growth, providing significant advantages for local and international business.

    As a result, our economy ranks top ten in Gross Domestic Product, despite a relatively small population. Canada’s abundant natural resources and extensive international trade networks drive our financial success.

    Our reputation as a friendly, beautiful and affluent nation follows Canadians around the globe. Canada will remain a top immigration destination for decades to come, because the continued success of our country partially depends on welcoming talented and motivated people from around the world.

    Regardless of where you emigrate from - China, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, the United States or the United Kingdom - you’ll find friendly Canadians and expats from your country of origin, ready to welcome you with open arms.

    Diversity is strength. Immigration feeds the diversity which makes Canada one of the most influential countries on the planet - and an amazing place to live and grow.

    Visit Our Downtown Vancouver Immigration Office

    The Vancouver office for My Visa Source resides in the Coal Harbour neighborhood of the downtown core, close to the marina and seawall promenade which leads to Stanley Park – an urban forest with mountain views.

    Our building is a recently renovated property in the Financial District, initially completed in 1959, surrounded by outstanding restaurants, shops and services.

    We’re located at the corner of West Pender Street and Thurlow Street, across from the Consulate General of the United States and the Marriott Pinnacle hotel.

    My Visa Source is easily accessible by car or a quick walk from the Burrard SkyTrain Station. Feel free to ask Siri or Google for directions by searching for “My Visa Source near me” or "My Visa Source Vancouver".