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“The team at My Visa Source has been so helpful throughout our application. I believe it's important to have the best in the industry assist with our application, I truly feel we made the correct decision in hiring My Visa Source. I would highly recommend them!!! Thank you My Visa Source for all you're help, we truly appreciate it.”
5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Suzi S.

“They are amazing. They know what they are doing and will get the job done. Offers payment options. They will make sure that everything is on track and help you get solution of your problem. they are the best out there.”
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“Only good experiences! Got a visa + PR through them under time pressure so only good things to say.”
5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Sam B.

It's been an absolutely pleasant experience working with the team for my immigration application! From the initial phone consultation to the final submission stage, they were always willing to answer my questions thoroughly and gave me lots of advice how to perfect the application. Trevor and Sonia made the stressful immigration process to a quite smooth one by providing help and support at each single step, couldn't thank them enough for that! Highly recommend them to you if you are seeking for immigration advice as well!
5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Vicky L.

“I just wanted to write to let My Visa Source team know how much I appreciate the positive influence you've had on me in becoming the PR of Canada. Thank you for your concern and your useful advice right from the beginning, I’ll be forever grateful. I appreciate everyone’s efforts towards my PR application most especially Amber and Trevor.. Amber called me everyday when everything was tough for me. Thank you!”
5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Toke B.

"Trevor was timely with his responses (within the advised 2-3 business days) and always very detailed and polite. Ultimately I have been successful in obtaining permanent residence, in a large part to his careful and thorough approach to my particular situation. I am extremely grateful for the help given by him and his colleagues. I think it is important to be aware most of the paperwork has to be done ourselves, but it was great to have experienced lawyers that know the latest government guidelines and the best avenues for optimizing your chances of getting PR. A big thanks!" 5-Green-Star-Review5 out of 5 » Rating by: Kerry W.
“Sunny managed to put us on the right track very quickly, he cleared all our questions; he's extremely professional, patient, very helpful. There's no doubt that we would highly recommend My Visa Source! Thank you!”5-Green-Star-Review 5 out of 5 » Rating by: Fem F.

Canadian Immigration From Around the Globe

Canada has grown into a world leader in immigration since the middle of the 20th century, welcoming more than a quarter-million new Canadians each year.
Progressive policies which focus on education, healthcare, diversity and business development lift the Canadian population to unprecedented freedom and prosperity.

A significant part of Canada’s success was due to modern waves of immigration. More than 400,000 people immigrated to Canada from Europe in the aftermath of World War II. The Caribbean has contributed more than 160,000 citizens via immigration. Hong Kong and Chinese immigrants form a group of more than a half-million.

Recent waves of immigration include a quarter million from the Philippines, more than 300,000 from India and 100,000+ from Pakistan. These numbers don’t include hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from violent conflict, including Sri Lankans, Kosovars, Ismaili residents from Uganda and Baha’i refugees from Iran.

Recently, the Canadian government worked with countries around the world to assist Syrians escaping civil war. Sheltering the vulnerable from war-torn regions has earned respect from many countries around the world.

A member of the G7, G20, WTO, APEC, OECD and CUSMA (formerly NAFTA), Canada provides thought leadership for other nations seeking peace and prosperity.

More than half of all Canadians possess a post-secondary degree or diploma, which makes us the most educated country in the world. Our healthcare is one of the few single payer systems in existence, providing all Canadians with the ability to visit doctors and hospitals, regardless of income or medical issues.

We’re the true north - strong and free.

Canada Among Leaders in Modern Immigration

Canada transformed into one of the greatest countries in the world because of modern immigration. Education and healthcare form the foundation of everyday Canadian life, enriched by brilliant people who originate from around the globe.

Outstanding education and healthcare allow residents to focus on personal and family growth, providing significant advantages for local and international business. As a result, our economy ranks top ten in Gross Domestic Product, despite a relatively small population. Canada’s abundant natural resources and extensive international trade networks drive our financial success.

Our reputation as a friendly, beautiful and affluent nation follows Canadians around the globe. Canada will remain a top immigration destination for decades to come, because the continued success of our nation partially depends on welcoming talented and motivated people from other countries.

Diversity is strength. Immigration feeds the diversity which makes Canada one of the most influential countries on the planet.

Immigrating to Western Canada

Home to three of the five most populous cities in Canada - Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton - Western Canada features a mix of innovative industry, top educational and cultural institutions.

The energy sector thrives in this part of the nation. The west fuels the overall success of Canada by processing and moving abundant natural resources throughout the country and around the globe. Vital tech and financial companies also boost the economy for all Canadians.

Western Canada’s considered one of the most beautiful areas on earth, boasting amazing mountain ranges and dinosaur fossil parks - even a rainforest. Banff is beloved by skiers and hikers worldwide, while the Greater Vancouver Area enjoys their own mountain range and fast access to the Pacific Ocean.

No wonder immigrants flock to the west to enjoy some of the best of what Canada has to offer.

Immigrating to Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada is home to Toronto, the fourth biggest city in North America.

Ottawa, Canada’s federal capital, is a quick trip from the GTA. Montreal’s also nearby, the largest city in Quebec. These metropolitan areas tend to be popular destinations for immigration.

Many of the most influential financial, educational and cultural institutions reside in the three biggest cities of Eastern Canada. However, new Canadians also love the incredible natural beauty of the east, including Algonquin Park and Horseshoe Mountain.

This part of Canada leads the nation in overall growth, including Toronto’s recent surge to outpace Chicago in population and economic output. Over the upcoming decade, the east will be crucial in the continued prosperity of Canada, boosted by the presence of new Canadians bringing their talents to this region.

My Visa Source Vancouver and Toronto Immigration Offices

Vancouver isn’t the most populous city in Canada, but some consider the largest city in British Columbia to be the most naturally beautiful metropolis in North America. Clients who visit our easily-accessible location in the downtown core will enjoy the gorgeous mountain range which defines the skyline.

The Greater Vancouver Area is more than a pretty landscape, with the third largest GDP in the country. Over the upcoming decade, Vancouver may exceed Montreal as the second wealthiest city in Canada.

Like all big Canadian metropolises, Vancouver features fantastic diversity which lifts the quality of life for all Vancouverites. As a result, many immigrants choose to land in this city to pursue outstanding business, education and cultural opportunities.

Toronto has evolved into the fourth largest city in North America after decades of growth, more populous than Chicago and Houston. Our office in the downtown core provides an accessible location for all visiting clients.

One of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto’s prosperity and multicultural approach to everyday life creates opportunities not available in most cities - including business, education and healthcare, along with art, cuisine, sports and technological pursuits.

Folks across our nation frequently relocate to Toronto to access these opportunities. As such, it’s not a surprise that the Greater Toronto Area is a top immigration destination.