What is the Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program (OINP) and How Does it Work?

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Canada recognizes immigration as a key factor for economic growth, with the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP) focusing on welcoming skilled workers, corporations, entrepreneurs and international students as permanent residents of the province.

The  OINP Ontario PNP partners with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to determine eligibility for several available programs. The OINP nominates individuals who meet requirements for economic immigration, before the IRCC reviews applications and approves permanent resident visas for workers, students, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Who Should Consider the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program?

This Ontario immigrant nominee program focuses on applicants who seek permanent residency because of their ability to fulfill in-demand positions or create business growth. Ontario PNP offers several streams to match different scenarios. These scenarios are grouped into three different categories by Ontario immigration.

Business Category

  • The Corporate Stream offers support for established international corporations who are interested in an Ontario expansion, or purchasing a business within the province.
  • The Entrepreneur Stream provides help for those who wish to start a new business in the province, or purchase an existing business to implement an entrepreneur’s plan.

Employer Job Offer Category

  • The Foreign Worker Stream includes people who have a permanent, full-time job offer from an Ontario company.
  • The International Student Stream allows foreign students with a job offer to apply for Ontario residency.
  • The In-Demand Skills Stream focuses on construction and agriculture workers, specifically those who meet eligibility for important roles within those industries.

Human Capital Category

  • The Masters Graduate Stream gives international students a chance to live and work in Ontario, with the ability to apply to PNP Ontario without a job offer.
  • The PhD Graduate Stream functions similar to the masters stream, but focuses on students at the post-doctoral level.
  • The Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream involves workers who speak fluent French and English.
  • The Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream focuses on skilled applicants who wish to work and live in Ontario on a permanent basis.
  • The Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream deals with workers who have experience in a specific, eligible trade.

Who Qualifies for OINP?

Ontario provincial nominee program requirements vary greatly, depending on the stream that you choose. Since there are several options, selecting the right program maximizes the chance of a successful application.

Business Category Qualifications

Corporate applicants must show that their business has been operating for at least 3 years before applying, while entrepreneur applicants must show 3 years of business experience over the past 5 years.

Corporations must create a minimum investment of $5 million and full-time employment for at least 5 Canadians. Entrepreneurs must prove a certain net worth and the ability to invest capital into their business.

These represent some of the Ontario provincial nominee program criteria for corporate and entrepreneur streams.

Employer Job Offer Qualifications

Ontario PNP for employer job offers include requirements for both the company and worker. Businesses must prove a minimum gross annual revenue along with a minimum number of established Canadian workers.

Foreign workers, international students and in-demand workers have to prove their own qualifications too, including education, work experience and licensing, when needed.

Human Capital Qualifications

Masters graduate and PhD graduate streams may apply for Ontario PNP without a job offer through the Human Capital category instead of the Employer Job Offer category, involving different requirements.

French-speaking skilled workers, skilled trades workers and human capital priority candidates must have a valid profile in the Express Entry pool, qualify for the Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Program and receive a notification of interest online through the IRCC.

How Long is the Processing Time for OINP Applications?

Applications for Masters graduate, PhD graduate and express entry for skilled trades usually take between 30 to 60 days for processing.

Employer job offer categories and express entry for French-speaking workers and human capital programs usually require 60 to 90 days for the application to process.

The Ontario PNP processing time for entrepreneur and corporate streams will change depending on how complex your application becomes.

FAQ – Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

Do I need a job offer to qualify for Ontario PNP?

Most Ontario PNP streams require a job offer for skilled workers. However, Masters and PhD graduates may apply successfully without a job offer.

Does starting or purchasing a business place me at the top for OINP?

Simply purchasing or starting a business doesn’t automatically qualify for OINP requirements. Corporate and entrepreneur streams feature specific criteria for successful applications.

Will studies at a Canadian university qualify for PNP?

Even if you have a Masters or PhD, or are working towards one, you’ll need to fulfill requirements beyond education to successfully apply for OINP streams. In some cases, you’ll need a job offer. In other cases, you’ll need to prove financially capable of remaining in Canada without a full-time employment offer.

Important Ontario PNP Questions Answered by Licensed Professionals

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program offers multiple streams with complex requirements. Licensed immigration professionals provide detailed answers to important questions which may arise during the application process.

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  • Do I Need to Apply While Outside of Canada?
  • Applying for Ontario PNP Without Job Offer?
  • May I Apply for Ontario PNP as an Investor?
  • Can I Put in Multiple Applications?
  • How Much Money Do I Need to Apply?
  • Can My Family Join Me in Ontario?

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