What is Canadian Corporate Immigration?

Canadian Corporate immigration allows companies in Canada to fulfill a shortage of workers. This is a tremendous opportunity for foreign workers who look to Canada to better their lives through employment access that is unavailable in their home countries. You too can take advantage of such an opportunity with the proper immigration guidance.

Through corporate immigration, authored  businesses are capable of hiring individual from abroad. This business objective is achieved through a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the respective employee. The LMIA was previously known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). Although it should certainly be noted that such positions are highly competitive and therefore only those armed with the most up-to-date immigration resources may find themselves ahead of the pack.

Alternatively, corporate immigration also allows companies abroad to relocate key personal and employees to their subsidiaries in Canada. Transactions as these are facilitated through free trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) any many more. But, only those with the proper documentation will reap the rewards of such a monumental opportunity.

What are the different Canadian Corporate Immigration Streams?

Who Can Sponsor Canadian Immigration?

Potential applicants will wonder who can sponsor Canadian immigration.  Under special circumstances, the Canadian government allows corporations to sponsor foreign workers. However, this opportunity comes with challenges for the applicant, who must navigate the complexities of the country’s immigration system. Depending on your skills and situation, you may be best suited to approach Canadian sponsorship through a Labour Market Opinion, or a Provincial Nominee Program, or as a Canadian Permanent Resident.

Each of these options has its own requirements, and those requirements can change if, for instance, a certain trade has suddenly attracted Canadian workers to a specific site.  For these and many other reasons, it is crucial for any migrant interested in being sponsored by a Canadian company to contact an immigration professional. The documentation demanded by the government is especially exacting; it varies between the federal and provincial levels, and from province to province. Laws also change, making it difficult for a migrant to know what documentation is required. An immigration professional can remove a tremendous amount of uncertainty. This is even truer if you want to bring your family with you. Choose an immigration professional who is trustworthy and understands both personal and corporate sponsorships.

What to ask a licensed Canadian immigration professional about immigration for corporations?

Often we’ve noticed that Canadian Corporate Immigration permits are rejected because the right questions were not discussed.  Therefore, it is crucial to retain the services of a competent and experienced immigration professional.

Here are some very important questions you want to ask any person you are planning on hiring to help you with your Canadian Corporate Immigration visa application.

Important questions for a prospective employer in Canada looking to hire employees abroad:

  • What is the time frame associated with hiring an employee to fulfill an immediate vacancy?
  • What are the requirements for the employee abroad who I am seeking to work for our company?
  • Is there a limit for the amount of employees that I can have working for my company from abroad?

Important questions for a company abroad who is looking to move key personnel or employees to Canada:

  • Will the employees be able to gain permanent residency in Canada?
  • What are the requirements for the subsidiary in Canada to hire these key personnel or employees?
  • Are the key personnel or employees are able to have their families also relocate to Canada with them?

The immigration professional should have no problems answer those important questions for you.

Why Contact My Visa Source for an Assessment for your Company’s Immigration Needs?

My Visa Source has an extensive amount of knowledge and experience with Canadian Corporate Immigration visas. We understand the importance of putting together a thorough case accompanied with all the correct supporting documentation.  If an application is missing any vital detail it can result in a rejection and this a point we certainly don’t take lightly.

We understand the demands of business’s in a global market place. Our firm also understands the importance of staying competitive in an increasing globalized business place. Therefore, in order to hire abroad, transfer key personnel and employees without interrupting what matter most which is your core business, My Visa Place is able to alleviate this task from management and deliver on tight deadlines.

You can be certain that our meticulous work doesn’t expire at merely the submission of your application. We will work with you in all aspects of the visa process to assure your business achieves its goals.

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