How Does a Canadian Visitor Visa Work?

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How Does a Canadian Visitor Visas Work?

Thousands of people qualify to enter Canada on a temporary basis every single year, why not you too? A Canadian Visitor Visa allows an individual to come to Canada for a variety of reasons. The are two categories of Visitor Visas:

  1. Single entry visitor visa
  2. Multiple entry visitor visa

The multiple entry visitor visa allows the rightful holder to enter and exit Canada within a valid period as opposed to a single entry where you can only enter once.

Obtaining a Canadian Visitor Visa is often tricky and overlooking even the most minor detail can result in a denied application. It is for this very reason that retaining the expertise and experience of an immigration professional is so critical.

Who is a Canadian Visitor Visas for?

A Canadian Visitor Visa is for an individual who wants to come to Canada, whether it be to vacation and explore our vast ranging wilderness, ski our world class mountains, or to  simply visit family or friends. One may even want to make a business exploratory visit to seek investment opportunities in Canada. If you are from a country that is not visa exempt meaning Canada requires you to retain a visa to enter the country, you must apply for your Visitor Visa.

It is important that you apply for a Visitor Visa well before you plan on entering the country. As well, it is important that you consult a immigration specialist to further assure that your application is properly processed.

What to ask a licensed Canadian immigration professional about visitor visas?

With over 30 years of accumulated experience, one thing that we’ve noticed over the years is that many Canadian Visitor Visas are rejected because the right questions were not addressed.

Here are some very important questions you want to ask any person you are planning on hiring to help you with your Canadian Visitor visa application:

  • How long will it take to process a visitor visa from my country of origin?
  • How do I know if I need a visa and am not from a visa exempt country?
  • What are the requirements for a visitor visa application and supporting documentation that you must provide?
  • If you are travelling with family, you may also want to know what are the requirements that your family must meet?

The immigration professional should have no problems answer those important questions for you.

Why Contact My Visa Source for an Assessment?

At My Visa Source, we understand that you might have last minute travel plans or have found a potential business opportunity that you would like to explore further in Canada. However, you require a visitor visa to enter the country and if an application is missing any vital information (not matter how minute) it can result in a rejection.

We are experienced in applying for Canadian Visitor visas, and will help you prepare an application in an efficient manner so that you can enjoy your trip and avoid any unnecessary delays. We strongly believe that if you are from a non visa exempt country, that does not mean that you have to go through additional hoops aside from applying for a visitor visa to enter Canada.

Whether you are traveling to Canada for a vacation or coming to study at one of our world class universities or to work a temporary dream job, you can have peace of mind that your visa application is being processed with the utmost care and detail.

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