What is a Canadian Business Visitors Visa?

Thousands of foreign business owners flock to Canada each year in hopes of taken advantage of this country’s nurturing economic foundation and this can include you. A Canadian Business Visitor Visa is a Visitor Visa for business people and investors who are interested in exploring the vast array of business prospects in Canada.

An applicant who is interested in applying for a business visitor visa would have their main source of income and business outside of Canada. Such an individual would be conducting an exploratory visit to the country for business and investment purposes. The visa itself being identical to a visitor visa allows one to enter the country and stay for a defined period of time.

It should be noted, that such a visa is highly sought after and as a result, extremely competitive. Those interested in applying for such a visa would have to be well-versed in the legal stipulations set in place by the immigration department of the Canadian government. Failure to meet any criteria may be met with a rejection. It is for this reason why it comes highly recommended those seeking a Canadian Business Visitors visa, also seek the aid of an immigration professional.

Who is a Canadian Business Visitor Visa for?

Business people and investors who are further exploring business and investment opportunities in Canada would seek a business visitors visa. The purpose of the trip can range from:

  • Attending a seminar
  • Meeting with business partners in Canada
  • Surveying an area where a new business venture would be launched
  • Meeting in person with the seller of an existing business
  • And much more…

If an individual is from a  non visa exempt country, he or she would need to apply for a business visitor visa well before entering Canada in order to avoid any delays.

What to ask a licensed Canadian immigration professional about this Business Visitors Visa?

Not all immigration professionals possess the same experience.   Often we’ve noticed that many Canadian Business Visitors visa are rejected because the right questions were not discussed.

Here are some very important questions you want to ask any person you are planning on hiring to help you with your Canadian Business Visitors visa application:

  • Am I from a visa exempt country ant therefore, do not require a business visitor visa?
  • What kind of documentation is required to support my business visit to Canada?
  • What activities am I limited to in Canada with my business visitor visa?
  • If one has a family, you may want to ask if your family can also qualify for a business visitor visa?

The immigration professional should have no problems answer those important questions for you.

Why Contact My Visa Source for an Assessment?

At My Visa Source our firm understands that in today’s day and age, in the world of business, decisions are made quickly when business and investment opportunities present themselves.

If a business or investor is from a non visa exempt country, it should not mean that business opportunities should be passed due to the requirement of having a visa to enter Canada. In that same token the applicant must also recognize that such an opportunity can easily met by denial if the proper legal aid is not acquired.

Our understanding of the urgency of such requests allows our firm to be able to facilitate the application for a business visitor visa in a quick and efficient manner. We are very aware that your business is your livelihood and that is why we can assure you that all our clients applications are treated with respect and thoroughly dealt with.

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