How Do Canadian Temporary Resident Permits Work?

    It can be an overwhelming and unpleasant experience to learn that you are not able to enter Canada for reasons such as a past criminal conviction. Temporary Resident Permits also knows as TRP’s allow individuals who are inadmissible or denied entry to come to Canada if they have a valid reason to visit along with the required documentation. Temporary Resident Permits can allow you to work, study or visit if you otherwise were not admissible to Canada.

    Who is a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit for?

    A Temporary Resident Permit can be useful for a variety of different situations where you have either been denied entry at a Canadian border or have learned of your inadmissibility prior to travelling to Canada. An example of a reason which may make you unable to enter the country is being charged with driving under the influence, such as a DUI. Another reason why you may be deemed inadmissible to enter Canada is because you suffer from a medical condition that could be deemed as being excessively demanding on the health care system. However, with a TRP, you may still be eligible to enter Canada.

    What to ask a licensed Canadian immigration professional about TRPs?

    Important questions to ask a licensed immigration professional are, what compelling reason would allow someone deemed inadmissible entry into Canada. You should also ask, does the length of time since my criminal conviction play a factor in obtaining a TRP?  Another question to ask is how long is my Temporary Resident Permit valid and does it allow multiple or single visits to Canada. It is crucial to have the licensed Canadian immigration practitioner know the circumstances surround your refusal to enter Canada as the granting of each TRP is on a individual basis.

    Why Contact My Visa Source for an Assessment?

    Temporary Resident Permits are not a black and white area of Canadian immigration law. It is crucial to have a licensed Canadian immigration practitioner handling your case that understands your individual situations and the circumstances surrounding your refusal to enter Canada as the granting of each TRP is on an individual basis. Here at My Visa Source, the professionals at our firm can appreciate your frustration and can help guide you through the complexities of obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit.

    What to do next

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