What is the Federal Investor Program?

The federally run Immigrant Investor Program also known as the IIP, facilitates the entry of foreign business persons and investors into the thriving Canadian economy while providing the benefit 0f permanent residency. The Immigrant Investor Program seeks business people to invest $800,000 CAD, which is a passive investment with the Receiver General of Canada.

100% of the funds are guaranteed and returned without interest after a period of 5 years. For qualified individuals who may not want to use their personal funds for the $800,000 CAD investment, the opportunity to borrow the funds also exists through one of My Visa Source’s approved partners.

The opportunity for a business to thrive in Canada is only fortified by the country’s great financial resources. Those that would look to take advantage of such opportunities would benefit greatly by the counsel of experienced immigration professional.

Who is the Canadian Federal Investor Program For?

The Immigrant Investor Program is for business people with qualifying experience along with a minimum net-worth of $1,600,000 CAD. Such individuals are deemed to bring an exceptional amount of benefit to the Canadian economy, therefore the IIP allows for both them and their family to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Although there is a requirement for a net-worth of $1,600,000 CAD, there is no requirement to transfer the funds or assets to Canada aside from the 5 year deposit.

What to ask a licensed Canadian immigration professional about the Investor Program?

An opportunity such as this can be momentous for any international business and certain should not be stunted due the lack of the proper questions being addressed.

Here are some very important questions you want to ask any immigration professional you are planning on hiring to help you with your Canadian Federal Investor Program application:

  • If their is a cap associated with the Immigrant Investor Program and what the appropriate steps to take are if the cap has been reached to ensure a successful application when reset in the future?
  • How is an individuals net-worth verified in their country of origin.
  • What are the tax consequences associated with his or her net-worth abroad?
  • If one is borrowing the funds for the $800,000 CAD investment, one would want to know, what is the interest payment associated with borrowing the funds?

Why Contact My Visa Source for an Assessment?

My Visa Source has an extensive amount of knowledge and experience with the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP). Our firm has a wide array of relationships with financial institutions, private banking groups, wealth management firms, venture capital firms, angel investors, accounting firms and more…

We  understand the importance of putting together a thorough case accompanied with all the correct supporting documentation.  If an application is missing anything it can result in a rejection.

The professionals at My Visa Source are able to facilitate the needs of a high-networth individual and their families to the highest standard. We understand that individuals interested in the IIP have special needs and requirements, which we are more than happy to address.

You can be certain that our meticulous work doesn’t expire at merely the submission of your application. We will work with you in all aspects of the Canadian Federal Investor Program process to assure you achieve your goal.

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