Film Industry

Canadian Film Industry

Canada is home to major Hollywood production centers and has justifiably earned the moniker “Hollywood North”. The City of Toronto’s screen-base industry’s direct expenditures are third behind none other than Las Angeles and New York City.

Why Film in Canada?

Production companies and studios can take advantage of generous Canadian federal and provincial tax credit and incentive programs, provided the labour based criteria is met.

The Federal Government offers a refundable federal tax credit on the qualifying labour paid to Canadian residents. Having the ability to combine federal and provincial credits, the range can increase substantially and further incentives on eligible local spend are also available.

What part does Canadian immigration play in the film industry?

Production companies can struggle to meet the labour-based minimums in order to benefit from the credits and incentives as they do not have enough Canadian and permanent resident employees working on the production. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada provides permanent residence options for skilled workers, many of which are working in the film industry. As you can now imagine, having Canadian staff on a big budget production can be extremely beneficial!

If you are a seeking to permanent residency options, the Immigration lawyers at My Visa Source have the experience to help. Our team has worked with a range of individuals in the film industry, from producers and writers to front-line production staff and make-up artists.

Speak with us today and we can assess options to suit the needs of the production and explore exemptions you may qualify for in order to get you working in Canada even sooner.