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The EB-4 visa is for special immigrants to work and live in the United States. A special immigrant is someone who holds a specific job or position as identified on the list below.

Who Qualifies or is Eligible for the EB-4 Visa? 

The EB-4 visa is employment-based for individuals and families, and for businesses seeking a foreign employee. This visa facilitates permanent residency.

To be eligible for the EB-4 visa, you must qualify as a special immigrant as follows:

  • Certain Physicians
  • International Employees of the US Government Abroad
  • G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 Employees and Their Family Members
  • Broadcasters
  • Armed Forces Members
  • Panama Canal Zone Employees
  • Special Immigrant Juveniles
  • Afghan and Iraqi Nationals Who Have Provided Faith Service in Support of US Operations
  • Religious workers
  • Afghan and Iraqi Translators

What is the EB-4 Visa? 

The EB-4 is known as a Green Card for Special Immigrants and is meant for applicants who want to permanently reside and work in the United States. This is the fourth preference EB-4 visa category and labor certification is not required.

What are the EB-4 Requirements to Apply? 

You will need to present a valid and permanent job offer from a US employer and the job offer must not be seasonal or part-time. The offer must also be within the applicant’s field of expertise and employers must prove financial stability.

What is the Process for the EB-4 Visa? 

The application process for the EB-4 visa is divided into two parts involving both the employer and foreign employee or applicant. The employer must petition for the foreign employee.

Following approval, the foreign employee must apply for the EB-4 visa at a US Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence.

What is the EB-4 Visa Processing Time? 

Processing times for US visas vary depending on several factors:

  • The office or service center responsible for processing the file
  • The type of immigrant visa
  • EB-4 visa interview wait times (if applicable)
  • Whether the applicant can qualify for an expedited interview appointment
  • Whether Expedited processing is available
  • Whether Premium Processing is available
  • Providing insufficient or incomplete documents can lead to delays in processing and even denials

Top 10 Reasons for Refusal of the EB-4 Application  

While there are many reasons why your employment-based application could be refused, we have listed the top ten most common ones here:

  1. Current and or past immigration status and history for the US or abroad, including overstaying and unauthorized employment
  2. Insufficient funds to support themselves during their stay
  3. Incorrect or incomplete petition
  4. Insufficient supporting evidence
  5. Conflicts with travel documentation
  6. Health concerns
  7. Suspicious of malicious intent
  8. Problems with background check
  9. Criminal history/Being convicted of a crime/Suspected or known ties to terrorism
  10. Material Misrepresentation

The EB-4 Visa » Other FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are some advantages of the EB-4? 

The process to obtain the EB-4 visa is typically fast because you receive the visa or change of status immediately after the petition is approved.

Can my family accompany me? 

Yes, but only after your EB-4 visa has been approved.

Can I use premium processing? 

No, premium processing for the EB-4 is not available.

What is a religious denomination? 

It is a community or group that has a formal structure and includes a doctrine, form of worship, specific ceremonies and established worship locations.

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