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How to Turn Your Temporary Resident Status into Permanent Residency

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Are you currently a temporary student or worker in Canada? Learn more about the steps you can take to become a Canadian permanent resident and extend your stay in Canada.
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  May 31, 2023
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We understand that sometimes your temporary status in Canada is just a stepping stone toward your further goal of permanent residency in Canada.

Are you currently a temporary student or worker in Canada? Learn more about the steps you can take to become a Canadian permanent resident and extend your stay in Canada.

What is Temporary Resident Status?

You have temporary resident status in Canada when you have a visa or permit that expires, and you are required to return to your home country.

Temporary residents could enter Canada on a visitor visa, study permit or work permit.

Different temporary permits will be issued for various lengths of time. For example, a study permit will typically be for the length of your study program, whereas most visitor visas are issued for six months. If you are not provided with an expiry date, your temporary status will expire six months after you arrive in Canada.

The type of temporary permit you apply for will depend on the reason for your visit to Canada.

Applying for Permanent Residence

Permanent residence is often a goal for many temporary residents in Canada. Luckily, Canada’s immigration system comprises numerous programs and streams that cater to different individuals in different situations.

As a temporary resident, your experience in Canada can give you an extra boost in becoming a permanent resident compared to someone who has never lived in Canada.

Applying Through Express Entry

The Express Entry Canadian immigration system is the most popular method for temporary residents to apply to become permanent in Canada. Well-known for its point-based system, Express Entry applicants will enter a pool of candidates. Candidates are selected and given invitations to apply for permanent residency every couple of weeks. As a temporary resident, you may be well-prepared to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry. Your experience in Canada, whether it includes study or work, could be valuable in scoring some points and making you a strong candidate.

Express Entry is comprised of three programs you may qualify for as a temporary resident:

Another opportunity to gain many Express Entry points and increase your chances of being chosen is to apply through a pathway that aligns with a provincial nominee program. This would mean that by getting a nomination from a select province, your Express Entry process would likely be quickened. In this case, as with all provincial nominee programs, you must reside in the province or territory that nominated you.

Another factor that would improve your application would be getting a job offer from a Canadian employer. You could also work to improve your English or French language skills or continue working toward more Canadian diplomas and certificates. Additionally, the number of years of Canadian work experience you have would benefit your application.

Staying in Canada While Waiting for PR

You can stay in Canada while waiting for your permanent residence application to be processed if you maintain your legal resident status. However, you need to have a valid permit to stay in Canada, so you must extend your temporary status by applying for an extension or a new temporary permit where applicable. By ensuring that your temporary status does not end and always having a valid permit, you can stay in Canada while you wait for permanent residence.

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