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Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

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Canada is looking to fill trucking job vacancies with the help of immigrant workers. Are you interested in working as a truck driver in Canada? Learn more about where you can find trucking job openings in Canada and how you can apply to take advantage of them.
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Jun 15, 2023
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Canada is looking to fill trucking job vacancies with the help of immigrant workers.

Are you interested in working as a truck driver in Canada? Learn more about where you can find trucking job openings in Canada and how you can apply to take advantage of them.

Why Work in the Canadian Trucking Industry?

The trucking industry is essential to Canada’s economy. While truck drivers account for around 4% of Canada’s population, their work is crucial to the success of so many industries and businesses. Canada’s economy depends on truck drivers to transport and deliver goods as required safely.

Many immigrants choose to work in trucking for the many benefits that it can offer. Truck drivers are well-paid throughout Canada, with an average salary of around $50,000, depending on experience. Another benefit is job security, as trucking will always be a valuable industry. Many truck drivers enjoy the flexibility of their work schedules. While local delivery drivers may work a standard Monday-to-Friday schedule, long-distance drivers will have work schedules that vary as required. Truck drivers may make deliveries around the country or even across the border.

Which Provinces Have Trucking Jobs?

According to the Canada Job Bank, over 3,000 trucking job vacancies exist in Canada. At the time of writing, these are the provinces with the most truck driver jobs available:

  • Ontario has 958 jobs available.
  • Alberta has 830 jobs available.
  • British Columbia has 658 jobs available.
  • Quebec has 303 jobs available.
  • Saskatchewan has 218 jobs available.
  • Manitoba has 212 jobs available.

Check the government’s job bank regularly, as new jobs are added often. These numbers will fluctuate, and new opportunities will continue to arise.

Immigration Pathways to Become a Truck Driver

Apply through one of many immigration programs to become a truck driver in Canada. To understand which programs can help you reach this goal, you must ensure that the program you’re applying to is eligible with NOC code 73300. This is the code for transport truck drivers.

Typical qualifications include a secondary school education and completing a truck driving training program. You will also need all required licenses and training from your employer and any certifications to handle dangerous goods, depending on what you will be delivering.

Below are some of the most common methods of immigrating to Canada for employment as a truck driver.

Express Entry

You can apply to immigrate and work as a truck driver with Canada’s Express Entry system. Within Express Entry, you can apply through one of the following programs as per the qualifications:

Express Entry is a great option because applications are typically processed within six months.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Applying through a provincial nominee program (PNP) is a good choice if you have a specific province you want to work in or if you want to relocate to a province that has a lot of job opportunities. Most provinces and territories have a PNP, and each one is different.

Some PNPs will have specific streams you can apply through that could be specific to trucking or more general options for skilled or semi-skilled workers. Find a stream that fits you and the trucking job you want.

For example, Saskatchewan has a stream called the Long-Haul Truck Driver Project, an option for employers to find foreign workers to bring to Saskatchewan and work as long-haul truck drivers in the province.

Getting a provincial nomination and adding it to your Express Entry application will give you 600 additional Express Entry points and a very high chance of being selected in an upcoming draw.

Work Permit

Your first step toward becoming a truck driver in Canada may be to begin working on a temporary work permit.

During your time as a temporary foreign worker in Canada, you can get all the training, licenses and qualifications you need to work as a truck driver and gain valuable experience. Your work experience can help you qualify for Express Entry or a provincial nominee program. Your temporary work permit could be your first step toward permanent residency in Canada.

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