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Top In-Demand Occupations in Ontario Because of COVID

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"The Covid-19 pandemic seriously affected the Canadian economy. While some sectors of the economy faced widespread job loss, other sectors faced a shortage of workers due to an unexpected boom. The federal government researched the pandemic affecting the availability of labor in each province and territory."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Aug 5, 2021
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Author info:

The Covid-19 pandemic seriously affected the Canadian economy. While some sectors of the economy faced widespread job loss, other sectors faced a shortage of workers due to an unexpected boom. The federal government researched the pandemic affecting the availability of labor in each province and territory. 

The research analyzed 109 occupations in Ontario to determine the changes in employment compared to pre-pandemic days. From this data, they were able to identify 9 occupations that have experienced an increase in demand for workers during the pandemic. 

What Are the Occupations In-Demand in Ontario Spurred by the Pandemic?

Medical Laboratory Technologists - NOC 3211

Find your National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Ontario had a shortage of lab technicians even before the pandemic given the rising number of retirees and the low number of new graduates to replace them. The pandemic has done nothing but increases the urgency to fill these shortages. Ontario is even funding a new training program for laboratory workers to reduce the workload of certified technicians and their assistants. 

Biologists and Related Scientists - NOC 2121

This NOC code includes workers such as immunologists, virologists, bio-information workers, and pharmacologists researching the Covid-19 virus. These workers are imperative to develop more vaccines and treatments for the Covid-19 virus and the variants. As we have already experienced the pandemic once, more virus research opportunities have been opening up to avoid another outbreak. 

Information System Analysts and Consultants - NOC 2171

Much like other IT workers, information system analysts and consultants have been crucial in helping companies shift their work systems online. They were added to the list of essential workers during the lockdown in Ontario. As companies progress to make their products and services available online and look for AI solutions, the demand for information system analysts is expected to boom.

Database Analysts and Data Administrators - NOC 2172

Database analysts and data administrators have been imperative in helping the government and other organizations in tracking and analyzing the Covid-19 data. As the pandemic continues, there is more mounting concern regarding the collection, storage, and management of data provided by virtual health and social services. Therefore, there is an increase in demand for workers in these occupations.

Computer and Information System Managers - NOC 0213

The pandemic has forced companies to shift their paradigm online to allow workers to work from home safely. This means companies have had to rely more on computer and information systems managers to oversee this transition.

Many companies are also considering keeping this system in the long run as the country recovers from the pandemic. Therefore, the province is expecting an increase in demand for IT workers who can help these companies adapt to their new way of working.

Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers - NOC 2174

At the start of the pandemic, these workers were useful in creating digital media content to disseminate information about the Covid-19 virus. As the demand for digital products and services expand, these workers will be especially needed to create digital resources for online learning.

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers - NOC 0124

While spending on traditional advertising has dropped increasingly, the industry has been going digital for a while. Therefore, spending on digital advertising and marketing is expected to increase. The province is expecting an increase in job opportunities for applicants with knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and advertising methods.

Web Designers and Developers - NOC 2175

Web designers and developers were crucial in building the websites used to spread information about the Covid-19 virus. These workers are equipped with telework capabilities and will help companies shift their services online to support various kinds of jobs.

Graphic Designers and Illustrators - NOC 5241

As more companies shift their products and services onto digital platforms, there will be more jobs available for graphic designers and illustrators. These types of jobs are responsible for creating content and graphics for e-commerce platforms, online services, and e-learning platforms.

What Are the Available Immigration Streams for In-Demand Workers in Ontario?

As all the above-mentioned workers can be classified as “skilled” workers, the fastest way to immigrate will be through the Express Entry system. If you have sufficient work experience, you can check the eligibility criteria for the economic immigration streams available under the Express Entry system.

The Express Entry system manages 3 federal economic immigration programs:

Similar to other provinces and territories, Ontario also has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). The OINP offers the Human Capital Priorities Stream specifically for tech workers and other in-demand occupations in the province. This PNP stream is also aligned with the Express Entry system to nominate eligible applicants in the Express Entry pool. The OINP nominates applicants based on their Expression of Interest (EOI) score. Lately, the OINP has been conducting draws for the applicants to another stream, the Employer Job Offer Category.

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