The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Explained

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An image of the Manitoba Legislative Building.With so many immigrants from around the world seeking to immigrate to Canada, it isn’t surprising to hear that the wait list for Canadian citizenship can be up to 3 years. However, since the Canadian government is keen to accept immigrants who can contribute to Canada’s economic growth, they have created Provincial Nominee Programs that can shorten the wait list for eligible immigrants.

What Are the Causes of Long Immigration Waiting Periods?

Canada lets in over 200,000 immigrants every single year. However, due to economic issues all around the world, not all foreigners are positively integrating into society.

With so many applications being processed, it is no wonder that the immigration process can take years to complete. In order to accept a large range of financially stable foreigners, the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) have been set up in every province.

How Can Long Waiting Periods Affect Potential Immigrants?

When a foreigner applies for citizenship in Canada, it is usually because they want to have access to a different lifestyle or pursue an educational path. The longer an individual has to wait to be granted access into a Canadian province, however, the longer they have to wait to pursue their dreams or have access to better living conditions.

How Does the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Help Eligible Immigrants?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a program put into motion by the government of Manitoba to facilitate the immigration of eligible individuals. This program is geared towards the selection of immigrants who can contribute to Manitoba’s economic growth.

In order to adhere to the immigration of the most suitable immigrants, the MPNP has created a nominee program that divides applicants into two groups: skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

What Does it Take to Qualify for the MPNP?

In order for immigrants to be eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, they need to be able to contribute to Manitoba’s economic growth by either qualifying for the category of skilled workers or business investors.

Those who meet these criteria and acquire a permanent resident visa from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can become provincial nominees, which can grant them an expedited immigration process.

There is one major condition, however, and if not followed, an applicant’s consideration can be terminated. This condition is that those nominated can only immigrate if they are going to be residing in the province of Manitoba and contributing to its economy.

Depending on the volume of applicants, some eligible immigrants may not be accepted, as Manitoba adamantly selects only those applicants with the most impressive contributions. So much so that they have created an Express Entry Program for promising nominees.

Applicants without a valid job offer in the province are only eligible if they are an international student graduate.

In order to become eligible for the nominee program, applicants need to include a $2,500 nonrefundable application processing fee. On top of this, applicants must have over $10,000 CAD secured into a settlement fund. Should they be planning to immigrate to Manitoba with dependents, an extra $2,000 should be added into the fund per person.

What Are the Next Steps if an Immigrant Doesn’t Qualify for the MPNP

Each Canadian Province has its own set of requirements pertaining to the Provincial Nominee Program. While some will accept Skilled Worker PNPs, others will accept Business PNPs.

All in all, provinces can differ in express entry qualifications, assessment fees, processing fees, and the number of applicants accepted per year. If an immigrant is refused from the MPNP, they can try to find another province where they match the needed criteria.

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