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Immigrate to Alberta for New Immigrants

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"Alberta is the westernmost Canadian Prairie province. A world leader in the energy industry, Alberta is becoming an increasingly favorite destination for immigrants who want to resettle in Canada. Arguably, Alberta is the fastest-growing province of Canada in terms of standards of life, economy, and immigration."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Dec 10, 2021
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Alberta is the westernmost Canadian Prairie province. A world leader in the energy industry, Alberta is becoming an increasingly favorite destination for immigrants who want to resettle in Canada. Arguably, Alberta is the fastest-growing province of Canada in terms of standards of life, economy, and immigration. 

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and also one of the two largest cities in the province. With a population of over a million people, Edmonton is a thriving industrial hub with international companies like IBM, TELUS, Dell, and General Electric having major offices here. 

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and also home to a multicultural and diverse population. Calgary hosts notably large Chinese-Canadian and South Asian populations. In addition to that, the Aboriginal, Filipino, and Latin American communities in the city are also vibrant and growing. 

What Are the Benefits of Immigrating to Alberta?

Alberta is an important destination for skilled immigrant workers. With a thriving job market depending upon its oil and gas industry, Alberta offers exciting employment opportunities for skilled workers. 

Edmonton offers unique programs to promote the immigration of skilled workers. For immigrant workers employed in transportation, Calgary is the major site for employment. The population in these two major cities exceeds 1 million people. Apart from them, Alberta has many smaller municipalities, including Medicine Hat, Camrose, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Wetaskiwin, Jasper, Grand Prairie, and Banff. 

Alberta has the lowest personal tax rates in Canada because of its abundance of natural resources. On top of that, Alberta has no general sales tax, the lowest gasoline tax rate, and low property taxes. The Alberta government also provides the highest basic and spousal exemptions. All of that contributes to the highest disposable income for families to spend on living expenses. 

How Is the Economy In Alberta?

Currently, Alberta has the strongest economy out of all Canadian provinces. The main industries include oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, and a booming manufacturing sector. These industries provide an abundance of highly remunerated jobs for Canadians and immigrants in the field of oil, finance, and tourism. This is one of the main reasons why Alberta is one of the top destinations for skilled immigrants. 

What Is the Percentage of Immigrants In Alberta?

The rate of population growth in Alberta has overtaken every other Canadian province and territory. In the past decade, over half a million immigrants have settled in Alberta, most of them young people looking for better job prospects.

This is the main reason why Alberta is now home to several different ethnicities and communities including India, China, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Filipinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group in Alberta. In 2011, Filipino’s accounted for 12% of Alberta’s population. A number which increased to 21.30% by 2016.

What Is the Standard of Living In Alberta?

Due to a robust economy, Alberta’s average salary rates are highly competitive compared to the rest of the provinces. The minimum wage in Alberta is at $10.20/hour. Notably, Albertan families have the highest average combined income in all of Canada.

How Is Education In Alberta?

Alberta offers amazing educational opportunities for its citizens and international students. Home to 6 impressive universities, 13 colleges, and several trade schools, there is something for everyone. The University of Alberta offers over 400 undergraduate programs to over 39,000 students from over 150 countries.

Alberta is also regarded as Canada’s paleontological treasure-trove. Students from all over the country visit the province for exploration.

How to Immigrate to Alberta

Alberta has the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) to nominate foreign workers with skills and experience that are relevant to Alberta’s labor market. The AINP offers the following immigration pathways:

What Support Services Are Available for New Immigrants in Alberta?

Alberta has a policy called Supporting Immigrants and Immigration to Alberta, launched on October 4, 2005, as a part of the Canadian Immigration Policy. This policy has been helping Alberta address skilled worker shortages and help new immigrants integrate economically and socially into Alberta’s community. This policy aims to bring at least 24,000 new immigrants to Alberta every year.

The Alberta Employment, Immigration, and Industry (AEII) is in charge of making an immigration strategy, providing settlement programs, language assistance programs, and maintaining federal/provincial relations and agreements regarding immigration. The AEII also handles the coordination between immigration initiatives and programs launched by the Government of Alberta.

A network of immigrant-serving agencies in Alberta provide the following services: 

  • Information and orientation of new immigrants
  • Interpretation/translation services
  • Referral services
  • Counseling and Workshops to better adapt new immigrants to the Canadian job market
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