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Why Should You Hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer?

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"Hiring a reputable and experienced Canadian immigration lawyer can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful application. It’s not mandatory to go about your immigration process, however, there are major benefits to hiring one."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  May 10, 2021
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Hiring a reputable and experienced Canadian immigration lawyer can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful application. It’s not mandatory to go about your immigration process, however, there are major benefits to hiring one.

The decision to immigrate is a huge decision in your life and requires great strength and adaptability to start your life over in a new country with its challenges and opportunities. The immigration process is lengthy and often requires a lot of paperwork, bureaucratic hurdles and policy changes. 

Even if you are coming to Canada for a temporary stay as a visitor or student, you will be faced with similar challenges with official paperwork. You could go through it alone or you can hire a trained, licensed and experienced immigration professional to help you navigate through the process. 

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer When You Can Research All the Forms and Simply Pay The Government Fees Online?

Navigating Complexities and Missing Opportunities: 

Canadian immigration lawyers have extensive experience, knowledge and training in navigating and understanding the Canadian immigration system. The Canadian immigration system is vast and consists of over 80 immigration pathways and programs for study, work, business immigration, and immigration for humanitarian and family sponsorship options.

This means that there are a variety of opportunities for you to choose from, however, it also means that you have to be aware of the many immigration pathways to make an informed decision. An immigration lawyer can help you choose the best immigration program based on your particular situation and unique circumstances.

Their experience in dealing with Canadian government officials gives them an inside look at what these government civil servants are looking for in regards to positive and negative attributes, either moving you closer to your permanent residency goals or taking you away from that desired outcome.

Highest Chance of Approval: 

An immigration lawyer can also guide you through eligibility requirements and the best steps to take to improve your chances of getting approved. It is their job to come up with a strategic plan based on past successful cases to make your application successful. 

They can also help you fight unfavorable decisions and pursue errors of the law iif mistakes are made during the process on the government officials’ side. 

Easy to Choose the Best: 

Immigration lawyers are subjected to regulation by the profession. Their supervision is designed to be professional and at your service. This means that you can verify the credibility of your lawyer by their bar association that granted them their license to practice law in Canada within each province or territory. 

In this day of technological marvel, you can see client reviews or testimonials online and read the good and the bad to judge competency and treatment of clients yourself.

Return on Investment (ROI): 

There are certain costs in hiring an immigration lawyer. However, not hiring one especially in a matter as crucial as immigration can cost you more in a rejected visa application. 

Hiring an immigration lawyer can be seen as a vital investment for a better and secure future lifestyle and work in Canada if wanted. 

Your immigration application could be returned for missing information, not having sufficient documentation and other reasons. Your application would be prepared and reviewed to find any errors or omissions. This not only saves time and money but also the emotional energy and patience required to apply again. 

The immigration process itself will be very taxing. An immigration lawyer can help you make the best out of the situation by ensuring that your efforts and resources are not going to waste. Their team will provide timely updates, so you will have the confidence that you’re moving closer to a positive outcome.

Other Additional Related Professional Services: 

According to statistics published by the Toronto Star in 2018, hiring an immigration lawyer led to a low rate of refusal compared to not consulting one. Beyond just immigration, an immigration lawyer can help in various other aspects such as business or finance.

For example, if you are immigrating to Canada as an entrepreneur, an immigration lawyer can run you through the Canadian business laws, regulations and practices ensuring that your business is not in non-compliance. Some also have extensive business and financial experience helping clients over the years. 

They will be able to foresee potential challenges and opportunities to offer extensive business plan services. Leverage their wealth of knowledge and expertise to make your immigration journey a lot easier and less stressful.

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