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What Are the Top In-Demand Jobs in Alberta Post-Pandemic?

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"The Canadian government recently researched how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the labor market in every province and territory."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Aug 22, 2021
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Author info:

The Canadian government recently researched how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the labor market in every province and territory. 

While many industries and sectors of the economy were negatively affected by the global pandemic, certain industries were able to avoid losses due to Covid-19 shutdowns. This study highlighted certain occupations that increased in demand specifically in Alberta. 

This blog will introduce you to the specific occupations with their National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes. Foreign workers employed in these occupations may find this the best time to apply for Canadian or provincial immigration to Alberta. 

What Are the Top In-Demand Occupations in Alberta?

Computed and Information Systems Manager (NOC 0213)

This is a tech occupation that increased in demand during the pandemic as many organizations shifted their work paradigm to online platforms that require expertise in digital software and other information technology. In Comparison to 2019, there is an increase in demand for workers in this occupation. 

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants (NOC 2171)

The demand for workers employed in this occupation was at least 47% higher in 2020 compared to 2019. These workers are usually employed in tech consulting firms or are self-employed. 

Database Analysts and Data Administrators (NOC 2172)

Since many organizations have increased their use of data technology, the demand for this occupation has also been steadily increasing over the past few years. Database analysts are usually employed with IT consulting firms to develop data management solutions. Data administrators help organizations implement their data administration policy, standard, and models. 

Software Engineers and Designers (NOC 2173)

The tech industry has grown in Alberta in the last few years. The main city, Calgary, has more than 400 tech companies that offer over 2000 job opportunities for workers in this occupation. Software engineers and designers are imperative for IT consulting and research and development firms. They also work self-employed. 

Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services and Revenue Officers (NOC 1228)

The pandemic prompted the Canadian government to launch new social benefits programs like the Employment Insurance and the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) among others. This also added to the demand for more workers in immigration, customs, border crossing, employment insurance, etc. 

Construction Inspectors (NOC 2264)

The demand for workers in this occupation was 24% higher in 2020 compared to 2019. Throughout the pandemic, this occupation was considered essential and was allowed to operate even during the height of the pandemic restrictions. Construction inspectors are required to ensure that new and existing buildings are up to code. They are employed by the government, construction companies, architectural and engineering firms. They also work self-employed.

Contractors and Supervisors, Other Construction Trades, Installers, Repairs and Servicers (NOC 7205)

The employment rate for these trade workers increased by 65% in 2020 compared to 2019. Since the construction industry was deemed an essential industry, it was allowed to continue operations even during the pandemic. Therefore, the demand for construction workers and skilled tradespeople increased during 2021.

Nursing Co-ordinators and Supervisors (NOC 3011)

The average employment rate for this occupation increased as the pandemic increased the demand for nurses to provide critical patient care services. Mount Royal University in Alberta is offering a Canadian Nursing Program to train international students to become nurses and begin practicing in Alberta.

Pharmacists (NOC 3131)

In 2020, the demand for pharmacists increased by 14% compared to 2019. Pharmacists are usually employed in retail pharmacies or self-employed. Industrial pharmacists are employed by pharmaceutical companies and the government for research and development.

Family, Marriage and Other Related Counselors (NOC 4153)

The employment rate for this occupation was almost 66% higher in 2020 compared to 2021. These counselors help people overcome their problems and achieve their goals. They are usually employed in counseling centers, government agencies or they run their private practice.

Health Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers (NOC 4165)

The employment rate for this occupation was 24% higher in 2020 on account of the pandemic. These workers are employed by the government, consulting agencies, universities, hospitals, and non-governmental international organizations. The pandemic increased the demand for these workers to help research and build a policy on how to respond to the Covid-19 virus to ensure public safety.

Social Community Service Workers (NOC 4212)

The employment rate for this occupation was 21% higher compared to 2019. These workers help the government, other mental health agencies, group homes, or other organizations to implement programming that helps individuals deal with their social and personal problems. The pandemic led to a lot of people facing addictions, homelessness, and domestic abuse. During this time, the demand for social workers was increased to help the people seeking community services.

How Can Foreign Workers Immigrate to Canada?

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers the Express Entry system to facilitate the immigration of skilled foreign workers. The Express Entry system manages the following 3 federal economic immigration programs:

Foreign workers in the above-mentioned occupations will find that the FSW and the FST are the best-suited programs for Canadian immigration. Also, the Express Entry system offers the fastest processing times.

Other than that, foreign workers can also apply through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). The AINP offers the Alberta Opportunity Stream for skilled workers. 

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