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Want to Immigrate to Canada? These Are The Top IT Jobs

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"The Information and Technology industry in Canada is a key denominator for sustainable economic growth. Post pandemic, as the economy recovers, there is an ongoing shift across industries to a digital platform. Therefore, this sector will continue to expand shortly."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Dec 6, 2021
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Author info:

The Information and Technology industry in Canada is a key denominator for sustainable economic growth. Post pandemic, as the economy recovers, there is an ongoing shift across industries to a digital platform. Therefore, this sector will continue to expand shortly. 

The Canadian government recognizes the rising need for tech workers to sustain the expanding industry. Tech-based companies are creating new advancements through continuous research and development and therefore contributing significantly to employment growth. 

To facilitate online working systems, tech workers are required to operate VPN, log management and handle cloud security. E-commerce has been thriving since the pandemic. Therefore, the number of jobs for workers with IT skills has increased significantly. IT jobs offer the most competitive salaries and amazing opportunities to grow as a professional in Canada. 

The average annual salary of a Tech worker in Canada increased by over $5000 in 2021 and is currently at $87,300. The 10% of lowest-paid employees in the tech industry earn less than $51,300, whereas the highest-paid 10% can earn more than $123,250 in Canada. 

What Are the Top In-Demand and Highest Paid Jobs in the IT Industry?

IT Project Manager - NOC 0213

IT Project Managers are high in-demand throughout Canada. IT project managers combine their solid technical knowledge with their management skills. They set and deliver organizational goals under competing budgets, manage their team, and meet client expectations. IT project managers can earn between $64, 291 to $140,632 annually in Canada. 

IT Business Analyst - NOC 2171

As organizations across Canada shift their systems online, they rely on IT business analysts to make decisions on how to effectively use their data and analytics. Usually, such professionals require PMP, PMI, or Scrum Master certifications. They can earn between $46,800 to $112,495 annually in Canada. 

Security Analysts and Architects - NOC 2171.2 

These professionals are hired by the organization to identify document requirements, assess any physical or technical security risks to data, software, and hardware. These professionals also develop policies and procedures to reduce the risk of security breaches. With the growing concern among consumers towards corporate data security practices, these professionals are required to safeguard customer data. They can earn between $46,800 to $112,495 in Canada. 

Quality Assurance Analyst - NOC 2171.3

Although the demand for these professionals isn’t like before, they remain one of the most important IT professionals required across Canada. They ensure that all software used by an organization is user-friendly and secured against bugs. Overall, they can earn between $46,800 to $112,495 in Canada. 

Business System Analyst - NOC 2171.4

These professionals conduct a third-party review to ensure that the quality of software products and information systems is up to standards. They ensure the creation and implementation of certain systems for their employers. They can earn between $46,800 and $112,495 annually in Canada. 

Database Analysts and Data Administrators - NOC 2172

Database analysts make sense of the huge amount of data collected by organizations and decide on how to use the data to grow the business. They also provide data management solutions to businesses. They can earn between $37,537 to $109,005 annually. 

Database Science Specialists - NOC 2172

A data scientist is responsible for developing algorithms and procedures to gather the information that may give insight on how to better business practices. Ecommerce organizations in retail, telecommunications, agriculture, and even trucking industries require data scientists to collect and navigate data to improve everything from manufacturing to sales and marketing. Data scientists can earn between $71,613 to $82,713 in Canada. 

Software Engineers and Designers - NOC 2173

Software engineers with coding and programming skills remain at the top of the pack of in-demand and highest-paying jobs in Canada. Many businesses are looking to expand their eCommerce capabilities as the pandemic restricts free movement. To do this, they require software developers to write, modify, integrate and test computer codes to develop software communications, applications, etc. Top developers are skilled in Java, Python, and .net. Software developers can earn up to $110,000 annually in Canada.

Network Engineer - NOC 2281 or 2147 

Network engineers are responsible for researching, planning, designing, developing, integrating, and modifying computer and telecommunications hardware and related systems. They also manage communication system networks, local and wide area networks, fiber-optic networks, the Internet, and other data communications systems. They can earn between $48,750 to $124,683 annually in Canada.

What Are the Top 10 Tech Companies in Canada?

The following are the top-10 tech companies in Canada:

Microsoft: With an 85% of approval rate from current employees, Microsoft offers a highly positive work environment. It is also one of the top tech companies in the world with great career advancement opportunities for new employees. Microsoft has 4 offices in Canada, including in Saskatchewan, Quebec, and 2 in Ontario.

SAP: This is a German-based multinational software company and also the leading competitor of Microsoft in Canada. 91% of the employees working in this company are happy. This company has 8 offices in Canada, including in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. They also have training facilities and learning institutions in Ontario.

Apple: Apple is known all over the world. It is an incredible company with a terrific work environment. It is very hard to get hired at Apple as they hold their employees to a high standard of performance. Apple has offices in Ontario with many stores all across Canada.

Fortinet: Fortinet has been around since the 2000s. It is one of the top 10 tech companies to work at in Canada. They have an office in Quebec.

PointClickCare: PointClickCare has an 80% approval rating from current employees. This company is a cloud-based healthcare software provider. They have 2 offices in Canada, in Toronto and Prince Edward Island.

Ubisoft: This company is better known as one of the legends in the gaming industry. With a 74% employee approval rating, this company offers exciting employment opportunities for foreign IT professionals. They have 5 offices in Canada, including in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

EA: EA is a gaming company, similar to Ubisoft. It is best known for its video games. It has offices in 39 locations all over the world, and one in British Columbia. This company offers a great work-life balance and a competitive environment.

Shopify: This company is an eCommerce giant with offices in over 17 locations worldwide. With an 80% employee approval rate, they have offices in Quebec and Ontario.

Telus: It is a wireless network operator company with a dynamic work environment and tremendous growth opportunities. They have many offices in Canada, including in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec.

Ceridian: Ceridian employs over 2,000 people in Canada and is best known as a tech giant. This company offers tech solutions and has many job openings for IT professionals who can create, maintain and improve these solutions. They have various offices across Canada, including in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Quebec.

What Are the In-Demand IT Skills In Canada?

IT professionals with the following qualifications have a better chance at succeeding in Canada:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Linux
  • C# / .NET
  • C / C++
  • Cloud Technologies
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