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Immigrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba

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"Winnipeg is increasingly gaining popularity as another favorite destination for new immigrants to settle in. Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba. Winnipeg is the largest city in the Canadian prairie region. It is commonly referred to as the heart of the continent."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Oct 3, 2021
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Winnipeg is increasingly gaining popularity as another favorite destination for new immigrants to settle in. Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba. Winnipeg is the largest city in the Canadian prairie region. It is commonly referred to as the heart of the continent. According to the Canada 2011 Census, Winnipeg has a population of 730,018. 

Winnipeg experiences cold and long winters, giving it the less charming name of Winterpeg. However, despite the harsh winters, the city of Winnipeg has the reputation of being one of the most welcoming cities in Canada. 

The immigrant population in Winnipeg is steadily increasing, mainly due to their aggressive policy of accepting new immigrants who can fill the labor shortages in the city. 

What Is Life Like for Immigrants in Winnipeg?

Despite being one of the most isolated cities in North America, Manitoba has been attracting hundreds of immigrants in the last few years. Due to a steady stream of immigration, Winnipeg now has a diverse and multicultural community. According to 2016 Census data, almost 24% of the Winnipeg population was composed of immigrants. 

In 2018, Winnipeg welcomed 14,745 permanent residents. The total number of immigrants invited by Manitoba stood at 18,905, meaning almost 80% of new immigrants in Manitoba settled in Winnipeg. 

Currently, Winnipeg hosts the third largest Filipino population in Canada with at least 57,000 Filipino citizens living as permanent residents or naturalized citizens in 2016. Winnipeg also hosts a growing Indian community as well as significant British and Chinese populations. 

How Is the Quality of Education in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg has an extensive range of primary and secondary schools, both public and independent schools. In addition to this, Winnipeg is known to have the most affordable childcare and kindergarten facilities in North America. 

The Canadian government offers free primary and secondary education to all citizens and permanent residents in Canada. Many privately funded independent schools are mostly affiliated with a religious or denominational group. These schools may not follow the provincial curriculum but they do provide the same standard of education offered by public schools.

In terms of post-secondary education institutions, Winnipeg has both the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. The University of Manitoba was founded in 1877. It is the oldest university in Western Canada. It is the only research-intensive university in Manitoba. The University of Winnipeg’s international student population is more than 10% of the total student population.

What Is the Standard of Living in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg is a culturally diverse city with a lot of activities, both indoor and outdoor. Recently, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was opened in Winnipeg. There is also the Centennial Concert Hall and the Winnipeg Folk Festival that is held every year. Due to its ethnically diverse population, you can find great Filipino, Indian, Japanese and Scandinavian restaurants across the city.

How Do I Immigrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba?

You can immigrate to Winnipeg through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The MPNP offers various immigration streams for foreign workers, international graduates, and entrepreneurs. The basic requirements for streams under the MPNP require applicants to have work experience in one of the jobs listed in the Manitoba In-Demand Occupations List.

What Support Services Are Available For New Immigrants in Winnipeg?

The Immigrant Centre in Manitoba offers free support services for new immigrants, including:

  • Settlement and employment services
  • Language assistance services
  • Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Program
  • Nutrition services
  • Citizenship classes
  • Driver education classes
  • Internet, phone services
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