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How to Become a Canadian Permanent Resident After 40

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"Recently, many foreign nationals above 40 years old are considering immigrating to Canada. Canada offers a great environment to raise a family with a free public education system, universal healthcare, and a thriving economy."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Nov 27, 2021
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Recently, many foreign nationals above 40 years old are considering immigrating to Canada. Canada offers a great environment to raise a family with a free public education system, universal healthcare, and a thriving economy. 

While age plays an important factor in immigration, it is not the sole deciding factor. Therefore, you can recover the immigration points you lost because of your age through other areas. 

How Can Individuals Over 40 Immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry System?

The best option at immigrating to Canada after 40 is through the federal Express Entry system. The Express Entry system manages applications for the 3 federal economic programs:

The Express Entry system reviews the candidates based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS is a points-based system that ranks you based on your age, language proficiency, education level, work experience, etc. 

For the FSWP, a candidate must score at least 67 points out of 100 in the Points Assessment Grid based on the above-mentioned factors. 

The CRS score gradually decreases after the age of 30. For every birthday after 30, the candidate will lose 5 points. After 40, the number rises to 10 points for every birthday. At 45, the candidate will receive no points for their age. To maintain your score after you turn 40, you will be required to get the maximum possible scores on the other categories.

How Does the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Allocate Points?

A candidate can score a total of 1,200 points from the CRS. The allocation criteria are as follows:

  • Human capital factors such as age, education level, language proficiency, Canadian work experience: 460-500 points
  • Spousal factors: 40 points
  • Skill transferability: 100 points
  • Provincial nomination/ pre-arranged valid employment offer: 600 points



Work Experience 

Maximum Points- 15

1 year


2-3 years


4-5 years


6 years and above


Language Proficiency

Maximum Points- 24







CLB 10


Education Level

Maximum Points- 25





Double Bachelor




3-year Diploma after 12th


3-year Diploma after 10th



Maximum Points- 5

Spouse IELTS


Blood relation


You have to score at least 67 points to be placed in the Express Entry pool. Once your profile is in the system, the CRS will rank your profile based on the above-mentioned factors. The minimum cut-off point based on recent draws is 470 points. However, there are many ways to improve your CRS score.

How Can You Increase Your CRS Score?

If you can obtain a provincial nomination, then this will add 600 points to your CRS score. That would be the best way to increase your CRS score. Various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) nominate applicants from the Express Entry pool with skills and experience relevant to their local market needs.

Therefore, if you have a valid job offer in an occupation that is in demand in a certain province, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for that PNP. You can also gain additional points by improving your language proficiency. You can also learn French to gain bonus points. 

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