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A Guide to the Latest PR Stream for Colombians, Haitians, and More

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In the dynamic landscape of immigration, Canada has unveiled an exciting opportunity for individuals from Colombia, Haiti, and Venezuela through the introduction of a groundbreaking Permanent Residency (PR) stream. This new pathway aims to facilitate a smoother and more accessible immigration process for those seeking a new beginning in Canada. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of this transformative development, highlighting the benefits and steps involved for prospective immigrants from these vibrant nations.
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Nov 22, 2023
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The Humanitarian PR Pathway

This newly introduced PR stream provides an accelerated route for Colombians, Haitians, and Venezuelans to secure permanent residency in Canada. With a target of welcoming 11,000 individuals who have family in Canada, this stream is designed to be efficient and accessible, fostering a sense of belonging for those aspiring to make Canada their new home.

Why Canada Launched this Pathway

Responding to the challenges of illegal migration in Central America and the humanitarian crises it has spawned, Canada has initiated this pathway to welcome 15,000 migrants on a humanitarian basis. By extending support to those uprooted by political, economic, or social insecurities, Canada aims to address these crises and provide a humanitarian aid pathway.

Eligibility Criteria for the new Humanitarian PR Pathway: To be eligible for this Humanitarian PR Pathway, individuals from Colombia, Haiti, or Venezuela living in Central or South America, the Caribbean, or Mexico must have a family member who is a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen willing to support them for the first year in Canada. Eligible sponsors can include a spouse, common-law partner, child, grandchild, parent, grandchild, or sibling.

Key Benefits and Supports

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is committed to simplifying the application process and providing special support for candidates applying through this stream. Key benefits include a fee waiver, pre-departure medical care, financial aid for the first three months, and settlement services to assist in assimilating into Canadian society and the labor force.

Application Process

Applying for this pathway is facilitated through the IRCC portal. Sponsors, who must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents, need to sign a statutory declaration affirming their willingness to support the applicant in Canada.


Canada's Humanitarian PR Pathway stands as a beacon of hope, offering a fresh start to individuals from Colombia, Haiti, and Venezuela. The benefits and supports provided reflect Canada's commitment to a compassionate and inclusive immigration system. For those aspiring to call Canada home, this pathway represents an opportunity to embark on a new chapter filled with promise and possibilities.

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