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Canadian Government Allocated $2.1 Million in Funding to the Newcomer Women Pilot

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"The Government of Canada recently announced its plan to allocate $2.1 million in additional funding for 11 designated programs. These programs are meant to help racialized newcomer women find well-paid employment opportunities."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Sep 23, 2021
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Author info:

The Government of Canada recently announced its plan to allocate $2.1 million in additional funding for 11 designated programs. These programs are meant to help racialized newcomer women find well-paid employment opportunities.

Why Are These Newcomer Women Programs Needed?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Initiative in 2018 to invest $15 million in 21 projects that will help racialized newcomer women find employment and develop their skills. This pilot was earlier known as the Visible Minority Newcomer Women Project. 

According to the government, these women face exceptional barriers and therefore require additional support to succeed in the Canadian job market. Based on the 2016 Census, the unemployment rate of racialized newcomer women is 9.7%. This is 1.2% higher than that of newcomer men. 

Racialized newcomer women also have the lowest median annual income of all newcomer groups at $26,624. Non-racialized women can earn up to $30,075, racialized newcomer men can make up to $35,574 while non-racialized newcomer men make up to $42,591.  

To reduce this difference, so far, around $31.9 million has been invested by the government in this pilot initiative. This funding has been spread out to over 40 organizations. 

Which Programs Were Selected by the IRCC to Help Racialized Newcomer Women?

The project selected by the IRCC will address issues like gender and race-based discrimination, low-income employment, weak social supports, credential recognition, among others. These programs will also help racialized newcomer women develop their skills and abilities to better succeed in the Canadian job market. Additional funding has been provided to the following projects to keep them functional until March 2022: 

Young Women’s Christian Association - Vancouver: 

This organization offers the Tech Connect for Newcomer Women Project. This project helps women who are internationally trained IT professionals to find employment in Canada that is equivalent to their skills, education, and experience. This project helps them develop an in-depth understanding of the tech sector in Canada and the Canadian workplace environment. 

Umoja Operation Compassion Society - Surrey: 

This organization offers the Newcomer Digital Connect Project. This project identifies various employment barriers and helps newcomer women overcome these barriers through various activities. Participants are required to attend a 12-week program that will include certain activities to build confidence, develop or improve their computer and soft skills and enter the Canadian workforce. 

Women’s Economic Council - Burnaby: 

This organization offers the Her Own Boss! Project. It is a national project to help newcomer women explore options for self-employment. This project aims to improve the different business, co-operative and social enterprise development services to make basic business knowledge accessible to newcomer women.

Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute - Winnipeg: 

This organization offers the Newcomer Women Training Program. This is a 4-6 week training program that teaches certain skills to newcomer women like professional sewing, cooking, childcare, and cleaning. This program also offers language and employment assistance to support the integration of newcomers women into the Canadian workforce.

Access Community Capital Fund - Toronto: 

This organization offers the Pathway to Prosperities Project to help newcomer women establish small businesses in Canada through the Women’s Business Accelerator Program. This project provides newcomer women with personal coaching, business workshops, affordable loans, and support services to allow them to establish their businesses.

New Circles Community Services - Toronto: 

This organization offers the New Gateway to Employment project that helps to reduce employment barriers and improve the integration of newcomer women into the Canadian workforce.

Newcomer Kitchen - Toronto: 

This organization offers the Willing to a Work project that offers entrepreneurial education to newcomer women in the Greater Toronto Area and introduces them to the social and economic aspects of living in Canada.

Syrian Canadian Foundation - Etobicoke: 

This organization offers a project to assist newcomer women by providing them language training, skill assessment, and funds to open a start-up business. The project aims to create networking and business opportunities for newcomer women to create more sources of employment for all.

Kitchener-Waterloo Young Women’s Christian Association - Kitchener: 

This organization offers the In Her Shoes project. It is an online training project for entrepreneurship and employment. This helps newcomer women build their online businesses and gain work experience through these activities.

MetroWorks - Halifax: 

This organization offers the Deep Roots Project to provide intensive job readiness training, employment-related workshops, and job counseling to newcomer women. They also arrange work placements at Common Roots Urban Farms and other activities to improve the soft skills of participants in the Canadian context. Trained participants will get the opportunity to get a placement with a community organization or employer.

Conseil pour le développement de l’alphabétisme et des compétences des adultes du Nouveau-Brunswick - Moncton: 

This organization provides one on one mentoring and workshops to help racialized newcomer women integrate into the New Brunswick community and labor market. They also provide workshops to enhance the literary, digital, and other basic skills to improve the employability of newcomer women. 

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