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Canada Launched Nationally Standardized Vaccine Passports

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"The Canadian government will soon launch a vaccine passport to facilitate international travel during the pandemic. The nationally standardized vaccine passport system will be implemented by all provincial and territorial governments."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Nov 10, 2021
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Author info:

The Canadian government will soon launch a vaccine passport to facilitate international travel during the pandemic. The nationally standardized vaccine passport system will be implemented by all provincial and territorial governments. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on October 21 a technical briefing that all provinces and territories have confirmed their approval of a national standard of proof of vaccine. This briefing featured representatives from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Transport Canada (TC), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

If you were vaccinated in Canada, you will already have a province-issued vaccine passport. Therefore, rather than creating a federal database for vaccine information, the federal government has left the task to provincial governments to issue a standardized digital document with a watermark in the upper right-hand corner.

Why Is Proof of Vaccination Required?

The IRCC made it mandatory for all travelers over 12 years of age aboard federally regulated transportation to be fully vaccinated from October 30, 2021. This includes travelers departing from Canadian airports and on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer Trains. This rule will have a 30 day transition period until November 30 to allow people to get fully vaccinated. During this period, travelers must present a negative Covid-19 test result no more than 72 hours before the scheduled departure to board any federally regulated transportation. 

Who Will Bear the Cost for the Proof of Vaccination?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau informed in the briefing that the cost of providing standardized proof of vaccination will be paid by the federal government. The Canadian economy has recovered 100% of the jobs lost during the pandemic. A standardized proof of vaccination is the only way to return to normal operations. 

The Covid-19 assistance programs introduced in 2020 will come to an end on October 23, 2021. Therefore, the government is introducing a new set of Covid-19 assistance programs to target industries that haven’t recovered yet. 

How Will the Standardized Proof of Vaccination Help? 

The implementation of standardized proof of vaccination will make it easier for border officials to verify the vaccination status of the travelers without going through a hodgepodge of provincially issued passports. Also, the availability of digital proof of vaccination will allow travelers to upload it to their ArriveCan mobile app. 

More information on this will soon be available on the Canadian government website. Many provinces have also implemented a proof of vaccination requirements to go to non-essential businesses such as gyms and restaurants. Since public health falls under provincial jurisdiction, the provincial governments have the responsibility of issuing standardized vaccine passports.

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