7 out of 10 Vancouver Residents Could Be Visible Minorities By 2037

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The lady looks stunning with her beautiful pink casual dress while drinking a cup of coffee on the seaside.Canada’s immigration continues to soar, as it welcomes more and more immigrants, with Metro Vancouver being one of the most popular destinations. And this trend will not stop anytime soon.

According to Eric Kaufmann, a professor at University of London, Birkbeck, seven of 10 Metro Vancouver residents will be visible minorities in less than two decades.

At the same time, A 2017 Statistics Canada report, titled Immigration and Diversity: Population Projections forecasts the statistics for visible minority Canadians:

  • Is likely going to grow more rapidly than the rest of the population
  • Could more than double by 2036 to between 12.8 million and 16.3 million

Canada’s Growing Immigration Population

As for all of Canada’s immigration population, the same report from Stats Can also reported that, by 2036:

  • Immigrants would represent between 24.5% and 30.0% of Canada’s population, compared with 20.7% in 2011
  • Between 55.7% and 57.9% of Canada’s immigrant population could have been born in Asia. This is way higher than the 44.8% estimated in 2011
  • 15.4% and 17.8% could have been born in Europe, down from 31.6% in 2011
  • Nearly one in five people would be of second generation immigrants, compared with 17.5% in 2011

What About the Other Canadian Cities?

Visible minorities already make up almost 50% of Greater Toronto and Metro Vancouver’s populations. These cities are slated to grow into “majority-minority” cities. Stats Can shows that 45.2% of the residents of Metro Vancouver are members of a visible minority, particularly:

  • Chinese
  • South Asian
  • Filipino
  • Korean

But what about the smaller cities in Canada?

Other British Columbian cities such as Victoria and Kelowna are projected to remain less than 25% non-minority. At the present time, visible minorities make up only 7.4% of the population in the rest of BC.

The same numbers are expected for Quebec, the Maritimes and rural Canada.

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