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5 Tips to Find US Employers for Nonimmigrant Work Visas

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"More than 150,000 immigrants come to the United States to work for US employers every year. The US employer that you are working for is an important factor for nonimmigrant work visa processes."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  May 12, 2021
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Author info:

More than 150,000 immigrants come to the United States to work for US employers every year. The US employer that you are working for is an important factor for nonimmigrant work visa processes.

However, it can be really difficult to reach employers in a foreign country especially if you don’t speak English and don’t have work authorization yet. Finding the right job in the US can be a huge challenge.

The right employer will be willing to offer you a job and act as a petitioner in your visa process for temporary, nonimmigrant US work visas.

Here Are 5 Tips to Remember When Finding an US Employer

     1. Know Your US Work Visa Options:

Having in-depth knowledge about different US work visas and the differences can help you choose the right option based on your skills, background and situation. Choosing the right option can mean the difference between an approved application and a rejected application. Keep a source available to learn the different types of work visas available when preparing to apply.

     2. Look for Employers with a History of Hiring Foreign Workers:

Employers who have a history of hiring foreign workers are more likely to hire you as other employers may not have much experience on how to help you through the immigration process. US immigration law is complicated and requires one to know their options to make wise decisions.

Large corporations usually have a whole department of in-house lawyers or at least one lawyer that is dedicated to hiring foreign workers and helping them through the US immigration process. Individual employers who have been through the process before may be interested in hiring more foreign workers. Therefore, focus on such employers when looking for a job in the US. Read press releases by different companies on hirings and online self-descriptions for hiring foreign workers on the most popular US job sites.

     3. Identify Employers with Difficulty Filling Positions: 

There are thousands of employers in the United States who are unable to find the skills and experience required for their positions in the existing labor market. There are a few signs to keep in mind to identify such employers. 

For example, companies making frequent job ads for the same position or looking to hire large numbers of people. Companies posting for the same job title are also a popular option since it means that they are unable to find the right candidate for that position. This kind of employer would support you through the immigration process if you can provide the skills and experience required for the job. 

     4. Network Online with Industry People: 

One part of looking for jobs in the US is to leave no option unexplored. Therefore, it is important to connect with other professionals in the same industry who may have gone through the same process and try to make connections with employers in your fields. 

Social media platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for networking. In LinkedIn, you can connect with recruiters in your field and professional occupation groups, or ask fellow professionals to guide you through the process. Reach out to potential employers and stay determined. Don’t be afraid to get rejected!

     5. Contact the Prospective Employers: 

It is important to reach out to employers once you know they might be interested in hiring foreign workers or other criteria. Use your connections and try to have mutual contact with the employer for a reference. 

Review and edit your resume according to the standards in the US. You might even want to add a few specific skills and talents required by the employer. It is your responsibility to demonstrate that your skills and talent are worth the time, effort and money that a prospective employer may spend on your immigration process.

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