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President Biden’s 8 Year Plan in Immigration Policy and Plan

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"Only after a week of taking office, US President Joe Biden introduced a comprehensive immigration agenda to be referred to Congress. This new plan seeks to “restore humanity and American values to the US immigration system.”
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Apr 12, 2021
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Only after a week of taking office, US President Joe Biden introduced a comprehensive immigration agenda to be referred to Congress. This new plan seeks to “restore humanity and American values to the US immigration system.”

President Biden reversed several Trump-era immigration policies including continuing to accept Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications and an end to the separation of families at the border.

What is the 8-Year Pathway for 11 Million Immigrants to the US?

President Joe Biden has introduced an 8-year US immigration policy to help immigrants without legal status and improve refugee admissions.

The new policy intends to grant temporary status valid for 5 years to the millions of qualifying immigrants which would make them eligible for a Green Card for permanent residence and eventually applying for US Citizenship.

Only immigrants already present in the United States as of January 1, 2021, qualify for this policy change.

What Are the Other Changes Introduced to US Immigration?

DACA Dreamers

The bill provides a pathway for citizenship to undocumented foreign nationals, namely dreamers, under Temporary Protected Status and certain farmworkers.

The Trump administration had previously halted applications for this program but President Biden plans to continue this Obama-era program.

Undocumented Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals present in the US as of January 1, 2021, can immediately apply for temporary legal status.

Residing in the US as a temporary resident will allow them to apply for permanent residence after clearing the security and criminal checks.

They will also be able to apply for citizenship after living in the US for 3 years as a permanent resident.

Employment-Based Immigration Reform

President Biden plans to clear the backlog of applications for employment-based visas by recapturing unused visas, reducing the processing time and eliminating the per-country visa limits.

The administration will introduce several provisions to help H-4 visa holders to apply for work permits of their own.

There will also be a new pilot program to stimulate economic growth that will allow DHS to adjust Green Cards based on the economic conditions of the applicant. See All US Work Visas and all Nonimmigrant Work Visas.

Family-Based Immigration Reform

The new plan will also ensure that spouses and dependent children of immigrants aren’t subjected to long separation times due to the long process of gaining a Green Card.

The new Family Sponsorship process will allow foreign nationals with an approved family sponsorship to enter the US and rejoin their family members while their Green Card is being processed.

This will also include LGBTQ+ petitioners who wish to sponsor their family members.

Additional Changes to US Immigration

  • Replacing the word, “alien” with the term “noncitizen” from any US immigration law
  • Increasing the Green Cards issued under the Diversity Lottery Visa program to 80,000 from 50,000
  • Introducing smart and enhanced technology for immigration enforcement at borders and non-borders
  • Providing resources to an agency that will help address the underlying cause of increased migration to the US from Central America and find solutions to this problem
  • Ending the Muslim and Africa ban
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