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Options to Fund the EB-5 Visa

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"The EB-5 Investor Visa is one of the most popular ways for foreign nationals and their families to immigrate to the US."
Written by My Visa Source Team
Published on:  Aug 1, 2021
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The EB-5 Investor Visa is one of the most popular ways for foreign nationals and their families to immigrate to the US. To qualify for this visa program, applicants must make a minimum investment:

  • $90,000, if investing with a regional center or in Targeted Employment Area
  • $1,800,000, if investing anywhere in the US

Now, one of the main requirements regarding investment for an EB-5 Visa is that the funds should be lawfully sourced. 

What Are the Most Common Ways Used by EB-5 Investors to Fund Their Investment?

Previous Earnings

This is the most common way used by EB-5 investors to fund their investments. Often EB-5 investors are past business owners or managers and therefore high-earners. It is feasible for them to save up for investment rather than sourcing it from somewhere else. 

However, they will be required to show several years of tax returns to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to prove that the funds were lawfully acquired. They may also be required to submit pay stubs and a letter from their employer verifying their pay scale and position. 

Selling Property

Often, EB-5 Investors secure funds from the sale of the property. They will be required to provide all documentation about the sale and purchase of the property, including bank statements. They will also be required to provide evidence that the property was initially purchased using lawful funds.

It can be difficult for some investors to provide such evidence if there is a lot of gap between the initial purchase of property and the subsequent sale to fund the EB-5 investment. In such cases, the applicant must provide a detailed explanation of why the required documentation is not available.

Acquiring Loans

Many people are unaware that EB-5 investors have the option to source funds from an institutional lender or an individual lender. The full amount of the loan must be secured using the personal assets of the investor.

This is the best way to source investment funds. If the loan has been secured from an individual lender, then sufficient documentation must be provided to demonstrate that the funds were legally obtained.

Gifted Funds

It is another common way for EB-5 investors to fund their investments. Gifts, as a source of funds, require the person gifting the funds to sign a declaration stating there is no expectation of getting repaid. This happens in certain cases where a parent may gift funds to the child to make an EB-5 investment. Proper documentation will be required to prove to the USCIS that the funds were legally obtained by the gifting party.


While inheritance is a common source of funds for investment, it can present certain difficulties. EB-5 Investors using inheritance funds will be required to prove their relationship to their deceased relative and their right to the inheritance. They must also provide proof that the funds of the deceased relative were legally obtained. This can prove quite difficult, especially if there have been several years since the investor received their inheritance.

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