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    Does my full-time work experience after graduation count as CEC work experience?

    Posted by Vanessa S. on Jul 31, 2013 3:38:31 AM

    I have convocation in November but received PGWP in September. I have been working full time since I had graduated. My question is - does this two-month period count as the CEC work experience?

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    Can the unexpected death of one’s sponsor jeopardize one’s chances for citizenship?

    Posted by Vanessa S. on Jul 30, 2013 4:36:08 AM

    My friend's spouse had unexpectedly passed away in the last week and her Canadian citizenship interview is scheduled 3 weeks from now. Obviously this interview was scheduled prior to his passing and, her concern is that she had applied for citizenship based on her marriage to a Canadian citizen. Will she still be eligible for citizenship despite her spouse's passing? She had been in the country for 5 years and they were married for 4 of those years.

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    Can you use an iPod as a passport alternative when crossing the Canada/US border?

    Posted by Vanessa S. on Jul 25, 2013 5:40:37 AM

    I had heard of a story out of Montreal, Quebec in which a man had crossed the US/Canada border by simply showing a border official this passport information scanned on an iPad. Is this just an "urban legend" or has this now become viable option for international travel?

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