Applying for LMIA

    Posted by SBOC on Aug 31, 2014 1:52:27 PM

    I run a small IT based business. I am in need of an IT expert with many different skills.Currently I employed several individuals through oDesk and other outsourcing medium. It is not helping me as I need someone to run my office and do the same job .I am finding it very hard to match someone with the requirements that I am after. I am thinking to get someone from overseas. I know i need to apply for LMIA in order to find an overseas employee. My questions are as follows..
    1) How old the company should be before applying for LMIA?
    2) As a brand new company can I apply for LMIA?
    3) How many LMIA can i apply for as i need at least two highly skilled individuals (any restrictions on number of LMIA)?
    4) How much money the business should generate in order to apply for LMIA?

    Would it be best to setup an appointment with a Canadian immigration lawyer?