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The Yukon Nominee Program for Canadian Immigration

How to Get a Temporary Residence Permit

How to Apply for Quebec Immigration

Permanent Resident Card Applications & Renewals

Applying for Permanent Residence in Canada

Opportunities Ontario - Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

Immigration Though the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

How to Apply On Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds

How to Get Family Sponsorship in Canada

How to Apply Canada Visitor Visa

Getting Help With Your Canadian Visa Extensions

Getting Help After Canadian Immigration Refusals

How to Apply for Canadian Experience Class

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Applying for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program

Working Holiday Extension For Australians in Canada - Work Permit Extension

Canadian Provincial Nominee Program - A Great Way to Immigrate to Canada

Need a Canadian Study Permit to Attend a School in Canada?

Need a Temporary Work Permit to Immigrate to Canada?

Federal Skilled Worker - A Great Way to Immigrate to Canada

Federal Skilled Trades Program - A Great Way to Immigrate to Canada

Denied Entry to Canada & In Need of a Temporary Resident Permit?

Canadian Start-Up Visas Are Great Way to Immigrate to Canada

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship - How to Immigrate Your Spouse to Vancouver Canada

Canadian Super Visas - How to Immigrate Your Parents or Grandparents to Vancouver Canada

Find An Immigration Firm In Vancouver

How To Apply For Canadian Immigration

There is so much varying information scattered across the web on how to apply for Canadian immigration. So it's convenient to have it all in one reliable source. My Visa Source can explain how to apply for Canadian Immigration, based on a multitude of factors such as the specific province you are looking to move to, the specific skill set you bring, or whether you are looking for a study or a work permit.

For instance, say you are applying for the Canadian Spousal Sponsorship and wish to move to Vancouver or any other city in Canada. My Visa Source offers an easy to digest video on how to do this. The video is condensed to leave out the fluff and only include the facts. For this particular method of entry into Canada, your sponsor will need to be at least 18-years-old and a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

We offer dozens of other videos on topics such as the steps needed to apply for the various methods of Canadian immigration, be it temporary or permanent residence. We're here to guide you in making your goal to immigrate a reality.