Supreme Court: Libyan man denied residency status

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The Supreme Court of Canada has denied a Libyan man’s request for status as a permanent residence. In 2009 a decision by the public security minister, rejected Muhsen Ahmed Ramadan Agraira’s application on the grounds he was inadmissible in the national interest.

In 1997, Agraira came to Canada on a false Italian Passport in 1997 and claimed status as a refugee owing to the fact that he was a member of a group, the Libyan National Salvation Front, which opposed Muammar Gadhafi. In 1998, his claim was rejected as his plea was found to be non-credible, and was against Canada’s national security interests.

Subsequently, he married a Canadian woman in 1999, who attempted to sponsor him for permanent residency. Agraira, however, still has a chance to stay in Canada. An application can be made to reapply under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

While this story is an extreme case, it serves to show just how wonderful our Country is. Should you wish to come to Canada and work and live, speak with a Canadian immigration lawyer and find out what your options are.

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