Metro Vancouver Growth Driven by Immigrants

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Statistics from the 2011 census and National Household Survey, revealed the following:

  • An aging population, with the front-end of the baby boomers having reached 65 in 2011
  • Urbanizing society, as more Canadians are living in large and mid-sized cities
  • Workforce and population are becoming increasingly multi-ethnic

Immigration in Canada has played a role in re-shaping the population. On a global scale, Canada is near the top in terms of the number of immigrants admitted into the country.

Approximately 250,000 permanent immigrants are admitted on a yearly basis, which does not include students and the temporary foreign workers.

According to the 2011 census, foreign-born residents make up 26 per cent of British Columbia’s population. In Metro Vancouver, the proportion is much higher at 41 per cent.

When it comes time for the 2021 census, it is estimated that half of all Metro Vancouver residents likely will have been born outside of Canada.

With immigration continuing to drive growth, British Columbia’s population is likely to become even more diverse.

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