Like Canada, U.S. Seeks Adaptable Immigrants

Author info:

Canada has begun to value immigration applicant’s job skills and language fluency in English or French, greater than it has in the past. In turn, the Canadian government hopes this will bring Canadians and immigrants closer, economically, thereby mitigating the potential for immigration-related social tension.

The new points system in Canada calculates how closely applicants credentials match in comparison to their Canadian counterparts and whether they have a job offer in Canada. Adaptability is also gauged, taking into account factors such as how much time was previously spent in Canada.

Policy makers in the United States have noted points from Canada’s experience with immigration law, and in particular have incorporated the model of assessing applicants on their ability to integrate into the economy and society.

Along with placing a greater emphasis on language fluency, the Canadian Government is also increasing social-integration efforts. The guide for potential applicants has doubled, and now highlights important historic developments and ties.

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