Clearing Dormant Cases Will Speed Up Citizenship Decisions

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On September 5, 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander stated “Our government continues to look at all reasonable options to make Canada’s already generous immigration system even more flexible, fast and fair. To that end, I am pleased to announce another common sense move to cut wait times for newcomers who are committed to contributing to Canada’s long-term growth and prosperity.

“The application process has, for too long, been bogged down by persons who unnecessarily delay the process for everyone else by not taking the process seriously.

“We are committed to ensuring that those who play by the rules and work in good faith to become Canadian citizens will not have to wait in line behind people who fail to attend their citizenship test or interview, or who fail to submit a residence questionnaire.

“We remain committed to eliminating backlogs and continuing to enhance the value of Canadian citizenship.”

Upon missing a test or interview, applicants will receive a final notice to contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada to reasonably justify missing their appointment and an interview or test will then be rescheduled. Individuals will be given two chances over a three month period to provide such justification, otherwise their application will be closed. Citizenship and Immigration Canada sends notices to applicants most-recent known addresses and the applicants themselves are responsible for updating their contact information with CIC.

Applicants whose files have been closed will have to re-submit a new application with a Canadian immigration lawyer if they are still interested in obtaining Canadian citizenship.

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