B.C. Liquefied Natural Gas Industry Needs Over 100,000 Workers

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In British Columbia, the liquefied natural gas (LFG) industry is estimated to require 60,000 workers in order to build LNG plants and pipelines beginning in 2016. A further 75,000 workers will be sought to keep them running afterwards.

Local trades training institutions, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Kwantlen Polytechnic University have one to three year waiting lists for prospective students hoping to gain entry into these trades programs.

B.C Jobs Minister Shirley Bond admits there is no plan in place to train the workers that will be required. “Our priority is to have British Columbians have these jobs first, but even if we look at every British Columbian that can or wants to work in our province, we’re going to have to look at recruiting others from across Canada,” she said.

In an already competitive global market, with the US planning on building several LNG plants, along with Australia and Qatar who already have projects underway, once these positions materialize workers will be required quickly.

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